Abusive Posts Against Lewis Hamilton Posted By A McLaren Employee On Social Media Sparks An Investigation!

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A string of social media posts targetting Lewis Hamilton went viral on the social media on Friday night. The social media account of a McLaren employee reportedly posted abusive comments about the seven-time world champ. The comments and tweets were from the employee\’s private Twitter and Facebook accounts. However, the alleged accounts were deleted from the social media platforms soon after the posts went viral. 

The McLaren Formula One team took the matter into their own hands. They announced an investigation of social media posts shared by an employee referring to the British driver as a \”p****\” and a \”f*****g w*****.\” 

Further, McLaren also posted a tweet on their official account. The post stated that the racing team considers the comments to be completely opposite to the values and culture at McLaren. The tweet read, \”We take the matter extremely seriously and are investigating it as a priority. \”


Tweets & Comments From A Couple Of Years Stirr An Investigation AT McLaren

Lewis Hamilton kicked off his F1 career with McLaren in 2007. The Briton stayed with the racing team till 2012 and won a championship for McLaren in 2008. Moreover, such comments are a breach of Formula One rules. McLaren has assured everyone that they will investigate the matter seriously.

The first post that came up is from December 2020, when Hamilton tested positive just before the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Lewis had to undergo a ten-day quarantine before returning back to the circuit. A comment was posted from the alleged account after George Russell

replaced Hamilton at the Sakhir Grand Prix. The 22-year-old led the race for the most part before Mercedes\’ pit crew fit the wrong tires to George\’s car. Eventually, George finished ninth after a grave error by the pit crew. The reported comment read, \”What a f*****g w***** he truely is. Couldn\’t stand seeing someone do well.\”

Hamilton with McLaren

Further, the alleged account also replied to a tweet from the official F1 account that tagged Hamilton in 2021. The post congratulated Lewis Hamilton for being awarded the knighthood. The alleged account commented on the post, \”Of f*** off! For having fastest car on the grid, What a w*****.\”

Another comment came in November 2021 after Hamilton failed to qualify at the Brazilian Grand Prix. The employee\’s account posted a comment, \”F*****g get in!! F*** off you p****.\”

McLaren will scrutinize the tweets and comments, and the employee might probably get sacked. However, the FIA might also launch an investigation too, as abusive comments are a breach of F1\’s rules.

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