Aaron Judge-Anthony Volpe

Uzma Fatima

Aaron Judge Rooting For Anthony Volpe To Join The Yankees’ Lineup! Fans React To His Recent Statement

Aaron Judge being the captain of the Yankees, realizes one thing very clearly, a player’s age does not matter when you do your best. It came after Anthony Volpe’s fantastic performance in the spring training of the 2023 MLB World series. The captain wants to call him up this season for the good of the Bronx Bombers.

The spring training is going well, and expectations for the team have been raised higher. After looking at the performances of the rookies of the Yankees, fans’ attention is drawn to the center of Volpe. Recently, in an interview with MLB.Com, Aaron Judge reflected on his views on the top prospects of the Yankees for the opening day. However, Anthony Volpe succeeded in getting all the attention of the team’s captain.

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Anthony Volpe (Gerald Herber)

Meanwhile, Aaron Judge said, “He has got all the makeup tools. He is tough at bat”. Judge’s views on the 21-year-old players are making things hard for Yankees manager Aaron Boone to select the rosters for the opening day of the 2023 season. Look at his Volpe’s score he made in training; he incredibly hit .353 with an OBP of .450 and OPS of 1.097. Judge figured that Anthony checks a lot of boxes defensively as well as offensively. The captain says that he has got the required speed, and this is the factor that can change the game at present. Currently, Anthony is just a nomination battling with Oswald Peraza, who is 22.

Fans Support Aaron Judge In Calling Upon Anthony Volpe In Yankees Opening Day Rosters

Besides, Judging players based on what is their age is not Judge’s thing. He said, “If you are the best player, it should not matter what your age is.” Aaron always believed in taking the help of those who could help the Yankees rise higher. Despite the age factor, whether you are 19 or 41, you should play if you can play. This is the statement of Aaron Judge, which got a huge response from fans.


Fans totally agree with Aaron Judge when he wants to call up Anthony Volpe. One of the fans said, “Make Aaron Judge the GM” And of course, Judge is the captain he knows it all better. And he wants to win the world series, and thus, one of the fans claimed, “cap knows the ball” via Twitter.

Nevertheless, on the opening day, one of the rosters should be Volpe because he is the one deserving, he is the one Aaron Judge is demanding to be there. He is the best person who can help the New York baseball team to finally win the trophy As Aaron Judge is speaking about Anthony Volpe, he has to be in the team, and now fans are requesting Brian Cashman for the same to happen.