“Aaron Judge Returned Due To His Love Affair With The City Of New York,” Reveals Kyle Higashioka

New York Yankees catcher Kyle Higashioka recently revealed he knew Aaron Judge would re-sign due to the latter’s love for the city of New York.

New York Yankees slugger, Aaron Judge, turned the entire New York upside down by announcing his entry into free agency. After refusing a long-term contract ahead of last season, the slugger again turned down a contract extension deal this off-season. On top of that, Judge landed in San Francisco to hold negotiations with the Giants. When the situation could not improve for a whole month, the entire Yankee fanbase braced themselves to bid farewell to their beloved slugger.

However, a last-minute divine intervention turned things around in the Bronx Bombers’ favor. Aaron Judge talked to New York Yankees owner and agreed to sign a nine-year contract for an exclusive payroll of $360 million. While the entire New York breathed a sigh of relief, the Yankees front office decided to appoint Aaron Judge as the 16th captain of the organization. Meanwhile, Judge’s teammate and friend, Kyle Higashioka, did not doubt Judge’s intention for a single second as he knew he would return sooner or later.

“Aaron Judge loves New York,” says Kyle Higashioka

Aaron Judge

New York Yankees catcher Kyle Higashioka recently opened up on many topics related to the Yanks in a phone interview with the Athletics. Kyle addressed Aaron Judge’s free agency issue. Being a close friend of Judge Higashioka was asked about his thoughts on the whole off-season saga. The catcher responded by saying Aaron Judge has immense love for the city of New York in his heart. Hence, leaving it behind was a tough choice for the slugger.

Kyle Higashioka further added, as a friend, he decided not to trouble Aaron with contract-related talks and kept conversations casual. However, Kyle did say his thoughts were clear on the whole saga. Owing to Judge’e love for New York City, the slugger was destinated to return. Moreover, the catcher said he had a good feeling that Aaron would re-sign with the Yanks despite all the negative rumors. Higashioka concluded by saying a player of Judge’s stature is irreplaceable, and losing him would have been devastating for the club.

Yankees Catcher Reveals Team’s Plan To Induct Carlos Rodon Into The Roster


Kyle Higashioka spoke about how the defense team plans to induct their newest addition, Carlos Rodon, into the roster. The catcher said the catching department would conduct a meeting to understand what works best for Rodon. Further, the team will hold one-on-one talks with Carlos and understand his mindset. Later, both parties will agree on a mutual course of action and set the goal accordingly.

On the other hand, talking about his rivalry with Jose Trevino, Kyle said even though the duo is fighting for the same spot, the end goal is to help the team win. As long as the team wins, Kyle and Jose are ready to play their respective parts and step aside. Moreover, Kyle says he shares a good bond with Jose Trevino. Hence, no problem on that front.

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