Aaron Judge

Generally, it happens that one player makes a record one season and then cannot reach anywhere near the next season. In 2022 Aaron Judge had the best career year; he broke the record of Roger Maris by one home run. In 1961 Maris made 61 home runs, and the next year, he made just 33. comparing Judge here, we can see that he made 62 home runs last season.

And the next, he would only make 30-40 of the same. It is really hard to imagine that the slugging outfielder will score the replica of 2022 once again ever. However, nothing is impossible! Yankees hitting coach Dillon Lawson believes that Aaron Judge will once again make 60+ home runs, and this time he will do even better.


Speaking with Brendan Kuty of The Athletic, Lawson said, “Aaron Judge wants to get better. He always asks you, ‘what have you got for me?”. The coach believes that the record-breaker slugger keeps on examining the stretch of his performance. Judge never fails to determine the reasons that lead him to do good or bad. He will ask his coach, “What do you think was going on with this stretch”?

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Aaron Judge And Dillon Lawsin Together Making Sure Another Extra Ordinary Year.

Appreciating the hard work and determination of Aaron Judge, the coach explained how the 30-year-old Yankees player manages to become the best one. Dillon Lawson explained, “we make sure that we are in the right direction by picking something apart and making sure where the overall sights are aimed at this year.”

Maintaining those strengths and the same performance is as difficult as it can be. And then, they take another step in the forward direction in order to increase the performance. “Is that possible”? Is it possible for Aaron Judge to make another extraordinary year? “For sure,” said the coach.

Aaron Judge

Now that people have made it look impossible, the Yankee’s new captain has got a challenge to accept. He will have to prove to everyone that he can make another season historical. Now, not only for Judge but also for Lawson, 2023 is the year with quite an ambitious goal. He was given the MVP last year and got the free agency period.

If Aaron Judge had wanted, he would have been in the Padres or GIANTS this time, but he chose the Yankees for his legacy. He became the captain of the Bronx Bombers and now looking forward to starting a big season again to succeed in 2023. This time, the team apparently has the best rotations, and so even if not another record-breaking season, a championship like Roger Maris can be achieved.

Aaron Judge already has the best odds of leading Major Leagues in round-trippers at +600. However, Mike Trout and Kyle Schwarber have the next-best odds at +1000.

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