Christian Horner
Christian Horner

What damages Red Bull has been slapped with the cost cap breach penalty is yet unclear. Only after the RB19 undergoes testing in Bahrain the impact of the wind tunnel restrictions will be known. Even before Mercedes and Ferrari’s strong comeback that may challenge Red Bull in the 2023 Formula One season, the team will have to face the consequences of the penalty and the least amount of Wind Tunnel testing.

The team’s principal, Christian Horner, claimed the 10% reduction in the aerodynamics development has made Red Bull handicapped. A $7 million fine was not a problem for Red Bull. But the deduction in testing for 12 months is just a “draconian” penalty. This is for overspending the 2021 budget by just a minor amount of $0.5 million, according to the boss. In addition, Red Bull won the 2022 constructor’s championship, so they already got the least aerodynamics development for 2023.

Adrian Newey
Adrian Newey- Christian Horner

As compared to Mercedes, who finished third in the constructors, Red Bull has got 5+5+10= 20% less number of tests. This is indeed true that this will have an impact on Max Verstappen‘s performance in 2023. But not when the team will cope with the consequences soon after realizing the issue. Red Bull is already getting prepared for the problems and how to solve them before having an effect while racing.

Team Red Bull Gradually Overcoming Through The Effects Of The Cost Cap Breach Penalty

Christian Horner has appreciated the team’s work in terms of overcoming the penalty. He explained that the team is doing the best they have got to do. In an interview with, the Austrian team’s boss said, “Red Bull has had to adapt to the handicap. [that we got due to the cost breach penalty].

The team members have done a wonderful job in doing that. By the way, “Is it enough?” No one knows. Horner believes that it will be found in a couple of weeks’ time in Bahrain testing and the first round of the 2023 season with RB19. However, Horner has admitted, “it is certainly a handicap that the team will carry for the majority of the 2023 championship.”

Red Bull

According to him, Red Bull has “obviously” accepted that they would have to face serious consequences. During the winter break, they looked at and tried to adapt to the changes. This is to ensure that the team is as efficient as possible. The rest remains a mystery, which will be revealed only after “RB19 runs on the track in anger if we have done enough,” said Christian Horner.

Meanwhile, the British boss also revealed that Red Bull is 25% almost of the way through the penalty. He said, “it is significantly limiting the number of runs that the car can do in the Wind Tunnel over each quarter.” But there are some steps that can help. He believes that ‘focus, discipline in what the team put in test and in simulation tools’ will help them in relieving the penalty’s side effects.

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