Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge is one of the most successful hitters in the MLB this season. He is leading the league record with the most 33 homers and hitting a healthy .284/.364/.618 slash line. While the Yankees are loving Judge\’s dominating run, the concerns over his stay with the franchise after the season are becoming more serious. The Yankees missed out on the opportunity to extend the four-time All-Star contract during the offseason, which saw Judge turn down a seven-year, $213m deal. 

The Bombers tried to convince Judge, but he was hell-bent on his $36.5m per annum salary demand. Thus, Aaron\’s magnificent form this season has made things tougher for the Yankees to retain him as he heads to free agency after the season. Since his MLB debut in 2016 with New York, Judge has established a charming reputation among the fans. They have witnessed the slugger rule stadiums with his massive hitting skills.


Thus, the fans at the Bronx are extremely worried that the team might lose one of their best-ever players. Judge agreed to a midseason negotiation and stated that he would like to be a Yankee as long as possible. But, his recent comments have just made things more complicated rather than putting forth a realistic picture of his future.


Judge Responds To A Young Fans Upset About His Possible Yankees Exit

On Sunday, Aaron Judge came to participate in the All-Star Game at the Dodgers Stadium. During an on-field interview with ESPN, the two-time Silver Slugger winner was forced to talk about his remaining time with the Yankees and his tough decision to enter free agency. The ESPN reporter Marly Rivera told Judge about young fans named Jacob who quoted, \”Are you telling me that Aaron Judge may not be a Yankee this year?\”

Further, Rivera asked Judge what he had to say to Jacob. However, the 30-year-old did not throw away any bread crumbs about his future at the Bronx stadium. Judge told that there were some great Yankees on the team. Aaron urged Jacob not to be upset as there would be a lot of Yankees who would be there at the franchise for a long time. The Yankees outfielder added, \”Hopefully, you\’ll be a Judge fan for life.\”

Judge Pays Tribute To Kobe Bryant In Black Mamba Style

Aaron Judge is undoubtedly the face of the Yankees. While he dominates the field, his charming personality makes him a great marketing asset off the field. He has a reputation as a good person off the field. However, at the same time, Judge gets out on the field with a completely different mentality which could be the secret behind his massive success.

The Lakers legend Kobe Bryant has inspired Judge\’s two-personality living. Judge grew up admiring the five-time NBA champ and was inspired by his basketball alter ego, Black Mamba. Aaron led the league with the most, 33 homers, and tried to follow a similar mindset. This separated his Mr. Nice Guy personality off the field from his fierce game face on the field.


Aaron paid tribute to his childhood model Bryant by donning a Nike Kobe 5 Porto tennis shoes during Monday\’s batting practice before the All-Star game. Talking about Bryant, Aaron Judge revealed that the Mamba mentality was something that he strives for every night in the field. The 2017 AL Rookie of the Year stated that Kobe\’s mentality helps him focus on why he plays the game. Judge added, \”I tap into the other side of things. I can shift between Aaron and No. 99. You kind of make that shift.\” The Yankees outfielder disclosed that he still watches Kobe\’s game highlights and his interviews.

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