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Aaron Judge Confirmed To Join Yankees’ Left Field After The Spring Training: REPORTS

Aaron Judge, the 62 home runner, who broke the record of Roger Maris last year, is exploring new areas of the field. He is looking forward to the left field, and if he manages to meet the expectations, there will definitely be a way out for Aaron Hicks. After posting the best career year last year, Aaron Judge signed his career-ending contract with the Yankees just because of his legacy attached to the team. He became the captain of the team. And now he wants to win and break the winless dock of the New York baseball team.

When the rosters for the Bronx Bombers were getting selected, manager Aaron Boone believed this year was the best he had ever seen. But it was not! Because the Yankees were lacking in left-fielders. According to the standards the Yankees itself had set, they needed seven left fielders.

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Aaron Judge (New York Yankees) David J. Phillip/Associated Press

Now captain Aaron Judge who can’t see the Yankees suffering on the left side of the field, is coming forward. He is even ready to put his foot on the left field. He has never been there; he is a master of the right field. But he will go to the left and do the best he can to fulfill the gap Aaron Hicks has been maintaining since 2018. Giancarlo Stanton is facing injury problems; let him better be safe for the right field. So now, it all comes to the captain, so there goes Judge to the left.

Aaron Judge Won’t Mind Switching Positions, He said.

With Judge practicing for the left fields, Stanton has got the opportunity to feature his defensive skills. He is injured, but he is getting paid $30 million. So why stop him from leveraging his values in the Yankees during this time of need? Meanwhile, knowing what Aaron Judge said recently about the game plan is giving hope to fans.

For the one area which is weak in Yankees, the left field, Judge said, “If we need to get Big G in the right at the new York Baseball stadium, put ME in the left.” Switching around traditional positions is never liked by any player, but Aaron Judge won’t mind it. He won’t mind switching with the center fielder Harrison Bader and Giancarlo Stanton. In the spring training Aaron Judge is getting the reps he talked about and becoming more comfortable at the particular field Yankees needed someone strong.

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Aaron Judge, Yankees captain

The responsibilities Judge signed for $360 million are getting an increment. He doesn’t mind doing extra duty; he is the captain and shows his leadership qualities. If Aaron Hicks fails once again to show what he got in 2018, Judge might not want any Haicks anymore. He himself is going to become one. Whatever it takes for the Yankees to win.