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“It Will Help Me Score More,” Yankees’ Aaron Hicks In Favor Of MLB’s New Shift Rule!

New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Hicks expressed excitement over the recent rule change regarding defensive shifts in MLB.

In 2023, MLB devised various rule changes, including pitch locks, extreme shifts, and larger bases. All these changes intend to remove any unfair advantages to either party in the play. While many have criticized the rule changes, a few are in favor of it, saying that they will make the game more balanced and fair. For instance, Yankees left-hand hitter Aaron Hicks has recently shown his support for the shift rule change.


Starting this year, the MLB has banned extreme defensive shifts. Earlier, the team used to field more than two players around the second base, which even shifted to the outfield to stop the singles. Hence, this year, the teams will be allowed to put two infielders around the second base while four players are at the infield. Moreover, the infield players will not be permitted to shift outfield unless and until there is a substitution.

Aaron Hicks All In For The Shift Rule Change

Aaron Hicks
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The new shift rule explained above will likely benefit the left-hand hitter to record more runs this season. For once, New York Yankees outfielder, Aaron Hicks, has shown his support for the new rule. The extreme shifts caused a lot of damage to his numbers last year. Hence, Hicks welcomed the new rule with open arms. According to the left-hander, he is excited to play under this new rule as it will provide him with more opportunity to score in the middle right side of the field.

Aaron Hicks, who is struggling to retain his spot on the starting roster, said earlier he could not swing a lot of pitches because they would go straight to the fielders. Hence, this year, he expects a raise in his overall numbers as the scoring is going to get a little easier for the left-hander. Nonetheless, Hicks must first cement his position into the starting roster to even dream about scoring in the regular season. He is facing extensive scrutiny over his form from the last two seasons. As a result, 2023 could be his last chance at redemption.

Aaron Boone Looking At Isiah Kiner Falefa To End The Team’s Left Field Woes

Isiah Kiner-Falefa
Isiah Kiner-Falefa hits in the batting cage during practice at Steinbrenner Field during spring training for the Yankees. Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

As if the stiff competition from Oswaldo Cabrera and Estevan Florial was not enough headache for Aaron Hicks, a new competition has arisen out of nowhere. As per the latest rumors, New York Yankees skipper Aaron Boone is considering moving Isiah to left field if he loses the shortstop position to Oswald Peraza. Peraza is the most sought shortstop candidate in the Yankees front office.

This is bad news for Aaron Hicks, as he is striving hard to grab that left-field spot in the starting roster. So far, his numbers in spring training have been average. Hence, with Isiah coming in, the competition just levels up, and Hicks has to fight even harder than before in spring training. The spring training will last four more weeks until the 2023 MLB season opening day commences on March 30.