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Bryan Reynolds-Yankees

The New York Yankees trade with Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder, Bryan Reynolds, is unlikely to move forward, as per the latest reports.

New York Yankees are having a good offseason as of now. They have made significant sign-ins and efforts to build a strong roaster for the 2023 season. Moreover, the offseason will end in less than two months, and spring training will commence. Hence, the Yankees are making a final push to get hold of a left-field outfielder.


However, the Bombers seem to have missed the trick when they let Andrew Benintendi leave. His departure left a major blank space in the left field. Meanwhile, the Yankees were reportedly in talks with Pittsburgh Pirates to bring in Bryan Reynolds as a trade-off. However, the trade seems unlikely to go on floors as a major roadblock has hit the deal.

Yankees Unable To Meet Bryan Reynolds Heavy Price Tag

Bryan Reynolds Yankees

In a move to fill in the empty left-field slot, the Yankees got in talks with the Pirates to get hold of Bryan Reynolds. FYI, Bryan refused an extension deal with Pirates and made it clear that he wants to part ways. Hence, the Yankees saw an opportunity and decided to pounce on it. However, a recent report claims that the trade is unlikely to happen any time soon.

Bob Klapisch from NJ Advance Media reports that Pirates has put a ridiculously high price tag on the outfielder. Moreover, neither the Pirates nor Bryan wants to budge. Meanwhile, the Yankees have made big trades this offseason and spent a massive chunk of money. Hence, as it stands, the bombers are unable to afford Bryan Reynolds, and eventually, they will have to let him go. If so happens, the Yankees will enter the 2023 season without a designated left-field player.

“Don’t anticipate any other major moves by the Yankees before spring training,” wrote Bob Klapisch.

New York Yankees Not Expected To Make Any More Significant Trades

Brian Cashman
Brian Cashman,

Meanwhile, Yankees general manager, Brian Cashman, is done with the offseason. According to sources, the team is least interested in bringing any significant name on board for the upcoming 2023 season. Hence, if the Bryan Reynolds deal doesn’t go through, the roaster will likely remain unchanged. That eventually means that the Yankees will have to make adjustments for a left-field player internally.

On the brighter side, the New York Yankees have done well in the ongoing trade season. They managed to retain Aaron Judge in a nine-year deal. Moreover, they claimed a talented left-hander pitcher, Carlos Rodon, for a six-year deal. With Anthony Rizzo and Tommy Kahnle, the Yankees bullpen looks set. As far as the left field is concerned, the team has Aaron Hicks and DJ LeMahieu as backup options. If all goes well, the Yankees can finally break the 13-year-long championship jinx in 2023.

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