It is not every day that you get to witness history being created from your own eyes. However, thanks to Aaron Judge’s red hot form, fans who are watching Yankees games have a chance of seeing it happen. Therefore, it is no surprise that the prices of tickets for Yankees games are already skyrocketing, with as much as $270 for an outfield seat.

Aaron Judge’s Pursuit Of Record Soaring Yankees Ticket Price!

Yankees’ Aaron Judge is the “man on song” right now. The outfielder is on the hunt for history, and he very well may find it as soon as Wednesday against the Pirates. The American League’s all-time single-season record for home runs is held by Roger Maris, who has 61, and he is just one away from tying it. In turn, Wednesday’s game against the Pittsburgh Pirates received more attention. The result of the enthusiasm is expensive tickets.

Aaron Judge

According to NBC New York, the cost of a ticket on Gametime, a well-known last-minute ticketing website, has nearly doubled. A typical ticket cost $119 seven days ago. But as of this Wednesday, it now costs $274. According to US Today, Yankees Wednesday’s outfield tickets were up 41%. Additionally, tickets on Stubhub on Wednesday already cost between $150 and $270. This is a high premium for an outfield seat, which typically sells for a small portion of that cost.

In the opening of a two-game series on Tuesday against the Pirates, Judge smashed his 60th homer of the 2022 campaign. That was sufficient to tie the 1927 single-season record set by Babe Ruth. When it comes to the overall MLB record, Judge and Ruth are tied for seventh place. Barry Bonds is in first place with 73 home runs. There are still 15 regular-season games remaining for Judge to continue writing his name into history.

Twitter Is Praising The Fan Who Returned Aaron Judge’s 60th HR Ball!

Aaron Judge, a standout for the Yankees, made history on Tuesday night when he blasted his 60th home run of the 2022 campaign. The struggle for Judge’s 60th HR ball, which resembled a mosh pit at a heavy metal event, involved a lot of people, as was to be expected. Mike Kessler, a Yankees supporter, eventually managed to catch the ball in the bleachers. To everyone’s shock, however, Mike and his pals gave the ball to the Yankees clubhouse. To show their appreciation, the Yankees gave each member of the group a signed baseball and bat.


Kessler wanted Judge to have his own piece of history and was willing to return it unpaid. Estimates suggest that Judge’s 60th home run ball might have sold for $50,000 to $500,000 if the fan had chosen to retain it. The Yankees fan is now receiving plaudits for his deed from everyone.

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