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Giancarlo Stanton, the powerhouse slugger of the New York Yankees, has long been known for his awe-inspiring displays of power and raw athleticism on the baseball field. However, since the past few years, his struggles have peak due to growing age and injury issues.

The former NL MVP recorded his career worst season in 2023 MLB season. He finished with .191 batting average and endured tons of criticism and backlash. However, the ageing veteran still ranks amongst the best in the league as his hard hitting ability ranked him at the top spot of crucial stat metric.


Giancarlo Stanton Leads In Average Bat Speed This Season


In a groundbreaking development, MLB has introduced a cutting-edge metric known as “Bat Speed.” It measures the velocity of a player’s bat as it travels through the strike zone. This innovative tool provides invaluable insights into a player’s ability to generate power and make solid contact with the ball. Among the countless players analyzed using this new metric, Giancarlo Stanton emerged as the clear standout. His bat speed registered off the charts and surpassed all previous benchmarks. Stanton’s bat speed average this season has been 80 mph, which is the hardest for active major leaguers this year. Oneil Cruz of the Padres ranks second with a 77.7 mph average bat speed. Notably, the Yankees slugger is hitting .230 with 8 home runs and 20 RBIs this year in 36 games as a designated hitter.

This latest metric ranking means a lot for Giancarlo Stanton, who is coming off his career-worst season with the Yankees. His place on the roster was under threat. However, contract complications and hefty salaries saved the day. Stanton, on his part, worked hard during the off-season to go lean and make some necessary adjustments to his stance and overall stride. He is now bearing the same results, and despite being a designated hitter, the slugger has tried his best to stay connected to the game. In a most recent accomplishment, Juan Soto, Aaron Judge, and Stanton homered in the same game to humiliate the Houston Astros in a three-game series at home. That being said, Giancarlo Stanton’s reign as the king of bat speed is a testament to his exceptional talent. It’s safe to say Stanton’s legacy as one of the game’s all-time greats is firmly secured.

Stanton Slammed Hardest Hit Of The Season In Yankees-Astros Series

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In a thrilling showdown between the New York Yankees and the Houston Astros, Giancarlo Stanton once again showcased his prodigious power with a jaw-dropping display of hitting prowess. During game 2 of the three-game series, Stanton unleashed the hardest-hit ball of the season with the ball leaving his bat at an exit velocity of 119.9 mph. 

Giancarlo Stanton’s titanic blast not only added another highlight to his already impressive resume but also served as a reminder of his insane ability to change the course of a game with a single swing. And it helped the New York Yankees achieve a speculator series win over the Astros for the second time in the season.

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