Yankees, Aaron Judge, Juan Soto, Giancarlo Stanton

Gradually, Aaron Judge is bringing good news for the New York Yankees fans. He scared the faithful fans of the NY side after an early season slump. But slowly, the captain is getting back to his groove. However, the 2022 American League Most Valued Player might not be 100% healthy. Last year, he sustained a severe toe injury. He had an accident in the fences of the Dodgers stadium. Later, it turned out to be a torn ligament. As a result, he had to miss 35 games on the trot. That was a big blow for the NY side. 

Prior to the Spring Training this year, Aaron Judge mentioned his toe injury will never really heal completely. It will take constant maintenance until the day he hangs his boots. Later, in the spring training, the Yankees captain missed a few Grapefruit League games owing to an abs injury. These were not good signs for the Yankees Nation. However, as the captain seems to improve, hopes are rising high for the fans. On Wednesday, against the Houston Astros, the Yankees did something that the fans wanted to see for a long time. 


The Three Power Hitters Of The Yankees Hit Homers On Wednesday

Yankees, Aaron Judge, Juan Soto
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It was a great series for the NY side as they dominated against the Astros. In Game 1, the New York Yankees won 10-3. Later, in Game 2, the Bronx Bombers won 9-4. But somehow, the second game was even more special for the fans. Since Juan Soto joined the NY franchise in the offseason, the fans wanted to see the fireworks from the team’s offense. However, Aaron Judge did not have a great start or the first month of the 2024 regular season. But lately, both Judge and the Designated Hitter Giancarlo Stanton are making their at-bats count. The three power hitters had not gone deep in the same game before Wednesday. 

But the home crowd saw something special in Game 2 against the Houston side as Judge and Stanton joined Soto in taking the pitchers to the cleaners. Juan Soto started things off with a two-run home run. Then, Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton joined the Dominican superstar on Wednesday as the Yankees offense looked unstoppable. With the win in Game 2, the NY side was 6-0 against the Astros in 2024. They hoped to enjoy a clean sweep on Thursday. But the Astros came back strong to win Game 3. Anyway, the series went to the Yankees. 

Aaron Judge Is Very Happy With His Team Winning Big

Aaron Judge Giancarlo Stanton Yankees
Aaron Judge Giancarlo Stanton Yankees Source: Fox News

On Wednesday, Aaron Judge, during the post-game interview, said that something special is happening every day. Moreover, the captain added that good things were happening as the team was winning so well. In Game 2, Giancarlo Stanton hit the hardest home run of the ongoing season.

His homer was 119.9 mph and 440 feet high. In fact, the previous hardest homer in 2024 came from the same hitter’s bat. Moreover, it was in Game 1 against the Astros where Stanton hit a 118.8 mph home run. Later, Aaron Judge praised the DH of their team, saying, “It’s a lot of fun for the whole team to see Stanton do his thing in 2024.” 

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