Fred Vasseur

The competition at Formula 1 is soaring high, as other teams are now gearing up to face Red Bull’s juggernaut. Red Bull has been unstoppable for the past three seasons, winning consecutive world championships. The team wants to repeat the history of winning four consecutive titles between 2010 and 2013. However, McLaren and Ferrari are waiting to shatter RBR’s dream 

Moreover, in 2023, they won 22 races, barring one, while in 2024, RBR lost two races in the first quarter. While the Austrian team remains arguably the strongest on the grid, signs of their reign coming to an end are emerging, especially with Ferrari and McLaren stepping up to challenge them fiercely. Fred Vasseur firmly believes Red Bull is in trouble due to the stiff competition. He has expressed his views about the ongoing situation and the future of F1. 


Ferrari And McLaren Can ‘Trouble’ Red Bull More Frequently 

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Although Red Bull has been head and shoulders above the rest, the rise of McLaren and Ferrari might be concerning. While RBR has won four out of six races so far, McLaren and Scuderia have defeated it twice. The first was in Australia when Carlos Sainz capitalized on Verstappen’s retirement due to a technical failure. The second was at the recent Miami GP, where Lando Norris leveraged the safety car and put a full stop on Verstappen’s Miami streak. After the race, Ferrari boss Fred Vasseur lauded the efforts of Lando Norris aided by the McLaren upgrade package. Fred feels both the teams are closing up on the gap between them and RBR. He is confident that the Prancing Horses and the British team could ‘trouble’ the Austrian outfit. 

While Vasseur does not doubt the Red Bull racing team, he points out a dip in their domination compared to 2023. Further, the team is no longer in a ‘comfort zone’ as they were the front runners last year, winning every race effortlessly. However, despite the recent defeat, Red Bull is way ahead of the other on the pinnacle with 239 points. 

Ferrari’s SF-24 Gets Aerodynamic Package Ahead Of Imola Showdown

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While Fred desires Ferrari to challenge Red Bull, his team is diligently working hard to make that aspiration a reality. The SF-24 car will get a mega upgrade ahead of the next round. The technical team has ensured a better aerodynamic design to leverage every aspect. 

The team completed two filming days at Fiorano, their home track. As a result, they’ll gain insight into the aerodynamic changes that can improve performance. Therefore, Scuderia is confident ahead of the home showdown at the Imola circuit. Their drivers would challenge the reigning world champion, hoping to emerge victorious in front of the home crowd.