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Red Bull has been on every team’s radar since Christian Horner’s controversy broke free. Although the team has been unstoppable on track, internal unrest has been the talking point. Adding to the misery, Adrian Newey’s departure is a massive blow to the team’s integrity. Notably, Newey was a crucial part of their design team. He was responsible for designing the most powerful cars for RBR. Thus, his exit might have left the door open for others. 

The McLaren boss, Zak Brown, is not holding back as he fires a verbal shot at the ongoing mayhem. McLaren is among Red Bull’s top competitors, as they breached the Miami fortress. Red Bull never lost the Miami GP until last Sunday, when Lando Norris went past Verstappen to clinch the trophy. As a result, Zak Brown outspokenly criticizes RBR’s management turmoil.


‘A Lot Of Issues Going On There,’ Says Brown 

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Adrian Newey’s exit has sparked a series of rumors about Red Bull’s internal unrest. The team leader, Christian Horner, is under investigation, as the female complaint was unhappy with the verdict. Altogether, the team is suffering turbulence while trying to hide it behind a poker face. However, their rivals are not letting up the pressure, as Zak Brown has issued yet another provocative statement. Although Brown praised Red Bull’s on-track performance, the American was not shy of picking out the internal distractions. During his interview with Sky Sports News, Brown professed that there were a lot of ‘issues going on there,’ and most of these were from the employees’ rooms. Further, he lauded the skills of Red Bull’s star driver, Max Verstappen. However, Brown stirred the pot by adding the constant noise, and Adrian Newey’s exit might force a few more dominos to fall. He concluded by pin-pointing the toxic environment at Milton Keynes, which is suffocating for their staff. 

Earlier, Zak Brown said the Red Bull CVs are flying right through the paddock. He feels that since the McLaren team has a much better environment, Red Bull employees are sending their CVs in large numbers. The Mercedes Boss, Toto Wolff, backed the claim, saying CVs from all levels circulate through the paddock. Red Bull MD Oliver Mintzlaff and Christian Horner criticized both Wolff and Brown. The RBR spearhead advised his rivals to focus on their performance instead of engaging in futile verbal disputes.

Max Verstappen Enters The Verbal Battle As Brown Tries To ‘Stir Things Up’

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While Brown is not shy of firing shots at Red Bull, Max Verstappen retaliates. The Dutchman feels Brown behaves like a typical rival, taking advantage of a vulnerable situation. He said the McLaren CEO is trying to ‘stir things up’ as a team, and Red Bull can’t do anything about such comments. Verstappen sufficed his statement by saying he is not interested in such gossip and would instead’ not’ click on such headlines. 

Notably, Max Verstappen was visibly unhappy with his performance at the Hard Rock stadium. He was heard on the team radio complaining about the car’s performance, saying he felt terrible during the race. Therefore, the champion racer would be eyeing a comeback at Imola.