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Since Adrian Newey’s departure was confirmed publicly, Red Bull has been at the receiving end. As the team maintains its dominance on the racing circuit, the internal conundrum has become a cause for concern. Although RBR was a force to reckon with in the 2023 season, 2024 has put them in the back seat due to the ongoing power struggle.

Thus, Red Bull’s rivals, McLaren and Mercedes, are not holding back. During the Miami GP, McLaren CEO Zak Brown recently made some shocking revelations. Further, he got the support of the Mercedes Boss, Toto Wolff, who re-affirmed his claims. Amid all the chatter, Max Verstappen has stepped up to dismiss all the naysayers. 


‘Everyone is trying to attract our people,’ Says Verstappen

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While the Red Bull chaos remains the trending topic at the paddock, the departure of Adrian Newey from the team added fuel to the rumors swirling around the team’s internal discord. On the other hand, Zak Brown has been constantly taking a jibe at Red Bull’s misery. Thus, as the Formula 1 season progressed, the rivalry between McLaren and Red Bull intensified, both on and off track. Brown disclosed that the Red Bull CVs were moving across the paddock earlier. RBR employees from all levels are willing to work with McLaren, as their company culture is uplifting. Brown feels things are the complete opposite at Milton Keynes due to too much internal toxicity. Later, Toto Wolff advocated Zak’s claims of ‘Flying CVs’ as Mercedes joined the verbal exchange. Recently, McLaren’s CEO told Sky Sports that ‘there are lots of issues going on with them (Red Bull).’ Moreover, he feels a few more RBR members would think of ‘moving on’ after Newey’s departure. 

Further, Oliver Mintzlaff and Christian Horner refuted the allegations. Mintzlaff termed the entire verbal spat disrespectful to the sports, while Horner wants Brown to focus on the team. However, the underlying discontent within Red Bull Racing could not be ignored. As the whispers of internal turmoil amplified, questions arose about the stability of the team’s leadership. With the pressure mounting from both within and outside the team, Red Bull faced a critical juncture in their quest for the Formula 1 world championship. Moreover, Max Verstappen assured that the team is focused on improving the performance instead of the outside noises. He accused Brown of being a typical rival who wants to ‘stir things up.’ Observing how the internal turbulence subsides and the aftermath it leaves in its wake might prove fascinating.

Christian Horner Put Restrictions On Adrian Newey Ahead Of His Exit 

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The relationships between Adrian Newey and Christian Horner might get sour. However, the pair worked together for two decades to place Red Bull on the pedestal. However, things were ‘not well’ for the last two months, as Newey finally decided to step aside. 

The Red Bull leader has now imposed restrictions on Newey for the remaining season. He won’t participate in team meetings or review data until his departure. The aero wizard’s sole task is to focus on developing Hypercar. The decision was taken to safeguard Red Bull’s privacy, as Newey could join a rival in the upcoming season.