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Juan Soto’s impact on the New York Yankees, as well as on the broader landscape of MLB, has been nothing short of remarkable this year. As a generational star, Juan Soto has exceeded all expectations to adapt exceptionally well into the change of scenery in Bronx.

Currently, Juan Soto is walking side by the side in captain Aaron Judge’s ranks as Yankees most prolific hitters of the season. In 42 games, he has hit .314 with nine home runs and 34 RBIs. While the season is still in it’s early stages, MVP conversations have begun to happen and Soto has undoubtedly placed himself firmly in those discussions.


Juan Soto Floated As Premier MVP Candidate By Former Mets Pitcher

Juan Soto

 New York Yankees’ newest superstar, Juan Soto, has taken the MLB by storm as usual with his prolific hitting ability. In 42 games, Soto has made his presence felt largely as he has been nothing short of a difference-maker for the champion side. Entering Tuesday, Soto’s batting average is .314 with 9 home runs and 34 RBIs. While is just behind captain Aaron Judge in the franchise home run tally. However, the 25-year-old has largely been more offensively consistent than Soto. That being said, as the 2024 MLB season races towards the All-Star break, MVP discussions are taking place, with analyst Joel Sherman hosting a special show in MLB Now to discuss leading candidates.

Joel Sherman was joined by former Mets pitcher Ron Darling, who repeatedly batted for Juan Soto. Darling argued that Soto had changed the Yankees completely in just a few months. The same Yankee lineup that struggled with offensive production last year despite boasting some big names is now hitting through the roof. And the change maker in Soto’s eyes is Juan Soto. Not only that, but Darling is also a fan of Soto’s demeanor on the field. He feels the sight of Soto taking an at-bat, and his dramatic shuffle is nothing short of a cinematic experience. “It is pure theater, drama, every time he comes to the plate,” said Darling. Hence, all these attributes make Soto the best and ideal candidate for his year’s AL MVP race. Notably, the generational star has yet to win an MVP award despite coming close on multiple occasions.

Aaron Judge Surpass Soto In Home Run Tally

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Juan Soto has been on the money for New York Yankees since day 1. He has been consistent and stacking up runs and RBIs almost every day. However, on the flip side, Yankee captain Aaron Judge witnessed early season slump and he was able to come out of it only in the first week of this month.

Aaron Judge slammed a solo shot in the recently concluded series finale against Tampa Bay Rays. His season tally touched to 10 home runs whereas Juan Soto is till lurking at 9. Notably, Judge picked up pace very late. But he has surprisingly managed to cover ground quickly to once again regain supremacy as the Yankees best hitter on the deck.

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