Yankees, Aaron Boon
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The New York Yankees have more options in the outfield than they would really like at this point in time. However, there is one player who is catching everyone’s eye on the team. Even the manager Aaron Boone has not been able to ignore his performances in the last 19 games. “He’s definitely caught our eye. A lot of us are paying attention to that. We’ll see what happens.” said Boone. But for the time being, the Yankees are in dire need of players who could improve their offensive output.

Jake Bauers Could Make Place In The Team

Jake Bauers. Source  CNB

The young prospect is the player whose Triple-A performance has kept everyone on edge. But bringing him into the squad would mean taking an orthodox approach to improving the team. But it would be good for Aaron Boone to keep the tabs open if he requires it in the future. Moreover, he also has the potential that the team could use, and he seems like a player who is worth the shot. Even his stats depict that he could end the outfield problems in the team. There are other players that Boone backed in the offseason, but they are not delivering now.


He has been hitting massive numbers in the Triple-A Scranton. He has seen an incredible amount of inclined trajectory, hitting .333 with nine home runs and 20 RBI in 19 games. However, he initially began his journey in the majors in 2018 with the Tampa Bay Rays. Before that, he used to play with Cleveland Guardians and the Seattle Mariners. He began playing for Cincinnati Reds during his minor season. However, the Yankees bought him last summer for cash as they saw great potential in him.

Jake also seems like a prospect that Boone can try during his troubled times in the season. Willie Calhoun and Franchy Corder are both struggling as they are both batting under.200. He can come in and offer his batting along with his versatility and flexibility in different positions.

Aaron Boon Admits They Need Help

Aaron Boon. Source - New York Post

The Yankees are a team that is expected to win most of their games in the series. They were doing well until the last two series, but the injuries took over their season. And now they are out there looking for players who can help them improve. Meanwhile, Aaron is optimistic that they can make a comeback from here on. “We’ve got to hopefully build a little bit on today in the fact that this was better than yesterday. We gotta hang some crooked numbers up there. Bottom line.”

Apparently, Boone has more troubles than the Yankees manager is admitting to the public. There are almost 12 players on the injury list that could cause any team to tumble in the MLB. But Aaron is not the one to use it as an excuse. Moreover, he can not make excuses because of the amount of money he receives from the Yankees. He is more inclined to find solutions.