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Anthony Volpe has been facing a typical rookie situation. After a promising start to his rookie season, Volpe’s growth has become stagnant. He is not able to get past the offensive roadblock, as his overall average has been dropping at an alarming speed. Yet, the shortstop has managed to find ways to somehow contribute to the Yankees with his overall athleticism.

Recently, Anthony Volpe came under a lot of scrutiny due to his offensive struggles. A chorus of his demotion to minor leagues has been gaining momentum for a while now. However, the Yankees had and will continue to have the rookie’s back. That being said, the responsibilities on Volpe’s shoulders have doubled as he has to prove that he is, in fact, worthy of the team’s blind backing. Meanwhile, the 22-year-old found the perfect opportunity to thrive and put his best self on display.


Anthony Volpe Hits His 10th Homer Of The Season! Breaks Two-Decade-Long Yankees Record

Anthony Volpe
Credit: Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

The New York Yankees are currently hosting Seattle Mariners in a three-game series. After winning the series opener, the home team came out all guns blazing in the second game. Thanks to a stellar outing from Jhony Brito, the Bombers were able to hold off runs. The offense did the rest of the work as the Yankees sealed the game as well as the series. Meanwhile, under fire, Anthony Volpe contributed heavily to this particular game. He hit a home run and stole one base, and also scored one RBI. That was his 10th home run and 15th stolen base of the season, which eventually helped him script decades-long Yankee history.

As per Katie Sharp, Anthony Volpe is the first Yankees rookie in 20 years to have hit 10 home runs and 15 stolen bases in the rookie season. Alfonso Soriano unlocked the feat last in 2001. While Volpe has entered the elite list of Yankee players, his troubles are far from over. Despite his accolades, the rookie’s low batting average has remained a persistent concern. However, the Yankees do not expect much from Volpe anyways. As long as he can manage to produce this little contribution and help the team win once in a while, the Bombers will remain more than pleased. The season has not even reached its halfway stage. Hence, the rookie will have enough time to grow and find his true self once again.

MLB Scouts Suggest Volpe To Head Back To Triple-A

Anthony Volpe
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Jon Heyman of the New York Post recently spoke to two renowned MLB scouts who chose to stay anonymous. They claimed to be huge fans of Yankees rookie Anthony Volpe and had a strong take on his recent offensives struggles. The scouts said that the Volpe in the pinstripes in way far different from the Volpe they saw in high school. The shortstop has changed his batting stance, which is leading to high strikeout rates.

Hence, the scouts urged him to head back to Triple-A and relearn how to hit the ball up and away. They feel his stance is the main problem that is restricting him from hitting high pitches. The new idea to adapt a launch angle is not at all working for him. Hence, the scouts feel the rookie must relearn his basis, and that can only happen in a minor league, where he can play with full freedom and zero pressure.