Anthony Volpe
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Anthony Volpe, the New York Yankees’ most hyped youngster, has been going through a tough phase in his rookie season. After an early explosion, the rookie has been unable to generate any offensive production. His average slipped below .200 and has been stagnant for quite a long while. But what changed for Volpe, who aced spring training just a few months ago?

Rookie Volpe made a name for himself this season through his potent athleticism. He registered a record streak of stolen bases, and his high baseball IQ is still applauded by many. However, the problem has been the high strikeout rate. Volpe has been struck out 83 times this season which makes him the seventh-worst batter to do so in American League. Meanwhile, a couple of anonymous MLB scouts have figured out the root cause of this troubling strikeout rate.


MLB Scouts Miffed With Anthony Volpe’s Changed Stance, Urged Him To Relearn In Minor League

Anthony Volpe
Yankees shortstop Anthony Volpe. Getty Images

Anthony Volpe was hyped up before the start of the current season by many high-end MLB scouts. He was even regarded as the next big thing, waiting to explode and own the sport. However, Volpe’s rookie season has been nothing but underwhelming. His strikeout rates are at a record high, and those same MLB scouts have now called him out for the same. The scouts who chose to stay anonymous said that Volpe had changed his stance, which is looking more uphill. It seems like the shortstop is looking to attack mindlessly without a plan. He is not worried about strikeouts which is concerning.

Hence, the scouts urged Anthony Volpe to move back to Triple-A and relearn his old stance. They made an argument that Volpe’s best trait is his base running abilities. But if he keeps getting struck out like this, he is losing his opportunity. This is simply not the rookie’s natural game. Hence, he must move back to minor league and relearn the basics. Meanwhile, Anthony Volpe rejected the scout’s claims. He said that he was not trying to do the launch angle. He just wants to contribute with every opportunity he gets. Just like any other player on the team, Volpe, too, is trying to grind and do better for the Yankees.

Yankees GM Rejects Claims Of Oswald Peraza Replacing Anthony Volpe

Oswald Peraza, Anthony Volpe

Anthony Volpe has hit a slump at the worst possible time. Just when the rookie’s form went downhill, his peer and biggest competitor, Oswald Peraza, wreaked havoc in Triple-A by hitting consecutive home runs. As a result, speculations about Peraza replacing Volpe in the Yankees roster gained momentum. However, the front office is not ready to give up on the rookie just yet.

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman recently addressed the media and talked about Anthony Volpe’s situation. He said that the team had invested a lot in the rookie and would stick by him for as long as he needed. Further, Cashman revealed plans for Peraza and said that they are not mulling his promotion to majors for now. The shortstop will continue to finish his development in the Triple-A itself.