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New York Yankees rookie shortstop, Anthony Volpe, has been facing the heat for the past few weeks owing to his terrible form on the plate. In a pursuit to produce something extraordinary, Volpe seems to have forgotten the basics. He looks lost as the major league expectations have gotten into his head. Yet, the Yankees intend to back him until he comes out of the slump.

Meanwhile, the Yankees had an off day on Monday. Anthony Volpe chose to spend it with his family at his childhood home in New Jersey. He invited over a few colleagues from Double-A Somerset and watched old clips of his time at the minors. Just then, Volpe and his minor league teammate, Austin Wells, noticed a significant something that the rookie believed could give him a breakthrough.


Anthony Volpe Tweaked His Stance, Gets Results Instantly

Anthony Volpe
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Austin Wells and Anthony Volpe spotted a significant change in the latter’s batting stance while watching his minor league clips. The duo talked about it for hours, and the rookie decided to go back to his older stance just to try if it helps in producing better results. The next day, against the Mets, Volpe moved closer to the plate with his bat held up in a flatter position. Well, it worked. Anthony ended up recording two doubles, an RBI, and a flyout which could have been a home run on a smaller ground. The Yankees ended up winning the series opener by 7-6.

Speaking of the change, Anthony Volpe said it was a small adjustment, but when he and Well both noticed it, he thought it was worth a try. Further addressing his troubling form, the rookie expressed his frustration. He added that what he tried to do during the slump was nothing unnatural. But the idea behind the change in stance was to get back where he feels comfortable and also rediscover himself in the process. On the other hand, Yankees hitting coach Dillon Lawson also applauded Volpe’s guts to bring in adjustments. He said he is not the only one in the clubhouse who sees immense potential in the rookie. He has succeeded at every level, and there are no reasons to believe that he won’t succeed in the majors. Yes, he will have small hiccups on the road. But nothing he is not capable of overcoming.

Yankees Owner Backs Volpe Wholeheartedly

Hal Steinbrenner is “angry” about the state of the Yankees. Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

Amid a serious slump, Anthony Volpe is garnering support from all over the team. After manager Aaron Boone, team owner Hal Steinbrenner has squashed the rumors of the rookie’s demotion to the minors. He said the team did not select him on a trial basis and sees him as the future of the club. There have been zero discussions in the front office regarding his possible stint in the minor league.

Responding to the same, Anthony Volpe said he is grateful for the support. Hal had no obligation to support him in an open forum, but he did it anyways, which shows how much the team is willing to back him. That being said, Volpe understands that he has to live up to the expectations and faith. The rookie intends to perform better and make the Yankees proud at some point in the season.