New York Yankees second baseman Gleyber Torres in action against the Boston Red Sox during the eighth inning of a baseball game Saturday, June 10, 2023, in New York. (AP Photo/Adam Hunger)(APMedia)

The New York Yankees faced its arch-rivals Boston Red Sox over the weekend. The Red Sox were off to a flying start, but the Yankees were able to make up for it in the second game to tie the series. With that, the series went into the final rubber game. The Bronx Bombers were already a man down as their captain and lead batter, Aaron Judge, entered IL due to a toe injury.

Hence, the Yankees found themselves on backfoot right from the start of the rubber game. Yet, Josh Donaldson‘s home run gave the home team an edge. But things turned haywire shortly after. With the scores tied 2-2, Yankees infielder Gleyber Torres committed a costly error which eventually led to the team’s humiliating defeat.


Gleyber Torres Messes Up Routine Play Vs. Red Sox Later Takes The Blame

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New York Yankees infielder Gleyber Torres found himself in the midst of scrutiny after a recent fielding lapse that cost the team dearly. Torres, known for his defensive skills, made a critical error during a game that resulted in a significant loss for the Yankees. During a crucial moment in the game, Gleyber Torres committed a costly error that allowed the opposing team to score additional runs and ultimately secure the victory. The score stayed tied 2-2 when the incident took place. A ground hit by a Red Sox hitter found Billy McKinney in left field, who made a decent throw to Torres.

However, Torres, standing at the second base, missed catching the ball completely. The ball eventually traveled to first base, and in the meantime, the Red Sox hitters covered two bases and scored the tiebreaker run to win the game by 3-2. In the aftermath of the game, Gleyber Torres did not shy away from taking responsibility for his fielding lapse. In a post-game interview, he said the throw from Billy was perfect, and it was entirely his mistake. Torres explained, saying he was in a hurry to catch the ball to throw it on the first base, and that eventually led to the error, which proved to be a grave mistake from his side. Regardless, the error left the fans infuriated as it cost them not only the game but also the series.

Aaron Boone Warns Yankees Fielders To Stay Extra Vigilant With Defensive Plays

Aaron Boone
Yankees manager Aaron Boone didn’t use his closer in last night’s ALDS Game 3 loss to the Guardians. David Dermer/AP

Yankees manager Aaron Boone expressed his disappointment with Gleyber Torres’ fielding lapse. He admitted that had Torres grabbed the play cleanly, the results could have been different for the Bombers. However, whatever happened, it’s in the past, and it’s important that the fielders learn from their mistakes. Boone also added that fielders play an important role in a game and must stay more careful with the ball henceforth.

Boone’s criticism is certainly justified. Barring a few players, most of the position players have done an awful job for the Yankees this year. Defense is an area the Bombers must work on an urgent basis. After losing to Red Sox, the Yankees had an off day and will resume playing in the upcoming series against city rivals, the Mets, from Tuesday onwards.