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New York Yankees cut seven years long ties with its most troubled outfielder, Aaron Hicks, in May this year. Hicks’s fate was inevitable, considering his numbers in the past several seasons. The Bombers had endured enough, and pressure from fans was slowly building up. Hence, at last, the team fulfilled its fan’s wishes and released him from the squad last month.

After packing up his things from the Yankees clubhouse, Aaron Hicks found a new shelter at his ex-team’s East rivals, Baltimore Orioles. Orioles’ center fielder Cedric Mullins sustained an injury, and hence, the team signed Hicks as a replacement. Since then, the outfielder witnessed a sudden change in fortune. He has been exploding offensively with his new team, which is forcing his ex-team to regret its decision.


Aaron Hicks’ Resurgence At Orioles Is Troubling Yankees

Aaron Hicks’ time in pinstripes has come to an end. (Tony Gutierrez/AP)

Since joining Baltimore Orioles, Aaron Hicks has changed completely. Apart from growing facial hair, the outfielder, with the help of Orioles batting coaches, has worked hard on his batting stride and stance, which is apparently generating fruitful results. So far, with the Orioles, Hicks has hit .340 with three homers and 10 RBIs. Not only that, the outfielder’s OPS is as high as 1.048. His resurgence has caught the Yankee’s attention, who are also wondering the same thing; what changed? As for Aaron Boone, the Yankees manager, he feels that the change of scenery and playing on a regular basis could have played a massive role in Hicks’ turnaround. Further, Boone admitted that sometimes he does wonder what he could have done differently to handle Hicks’ situation.

But the Yankees, as a team, bet on talent. When they signed Aaron Hicks, the team saw a lot of potential. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out. That being said, the Yankee’s manager gave full credit to Hicks for his resurgence. Boone feels that the outfielder could have easily given up, considering his age. Yet, he chose to start from scratch and figured out a way to contribute to his new team. Earlier, Hicks credited the Orioles’ batting coaches for his turnaround. He said that they pointed out a few areas of concern regarding the batting stride and immediately asked him to make the adjustment, which eventually worked in his favor. Regardless, Hicks has made his point is forced his ex-team to second-guess its decision.

Aaron Hicks Credits Orioles For Resurgence

Aaron Hicks
The Orioles signed outfielder Aaron Hicks, pictured taking batting practice before Tuesday’s game, as a replacement for All-Star center fielder Cedric Mullins, who has been placed on the 10-day injured list. (Julio Cortez/AP)

A lot has been talked about Aaron Hicks’ apparent resurgence at the Baltimore Orioles. Fans are wondering and speculating as to what changed. If you ask Hicks, it was the change in scenery and getting to play on a regular basis that helped him regain his form. Hicks thanked the Orioles for welcoming him with open arms and providing him with enough opportunities to fix things.

Aaron Hicks added that he has been having a lot of fun at the Orioles and is not at all feeling pressured to prove himself constantly. He wants to play good baseball and not focus on what others are doing. Overall, the outfielder is having fun at the Orioles and is enjoying his last career stretch without any expectations or pressure. Maybe that is the reason he could not thrive in the Bronx. Who knows?