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Bryan Reynolds-Yankees

Pittsburgh Pirates are all set to part ways with its outfielder, Bryan Reynolds, for the upcoming season. The 27-year-old arrived in Pittsburgh in 2019 and hit 74 home runs for the club. Moreover, the Pirates offered him a six-year extension deal worth around $75 millions. However, the outfielder rejected the contract as he was not happy with the remuneration.

As a result, Bryan Reynolds will be entering the free agent market this off-season. Meanwhile, the trade rumors are at their peak for surrounding the 27-year-old. Three teams, including the Yankees, are fighting a tough battle to acquire the outfielder in their roaster. But, before we jump into the trade rumors, let’s know a little bit about Bryan and know what makes him such a hot sell this off-season.


Who Is Bryan Reynolds? Why Is So Hyped In The Trade Window?

Bryan Reynolds Yankees

Bryan Reynolds is a professional Baseball player playing in the outfield position. He made his debut in MLB with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2019. However, he was previously a part of the San Fransico Giants, who traded him to the Pirates in 2018. Moreover, in his four seasons with the Pirates, Bryan made his way right to the top with consistent performance.

Bryan Reynolds scored 74 home runs in the past four years. Moreover, the outfielder registered 239 RBIs and 16 stolen bases with a batting average of .281. Furthermore, 2021 was the breakthrough year for Reynolds. He finished the season with his first All-Star game. In 2021, Bryan scored 24 home runs along with 90 RBIs and maintained his batting average at .302. Hence, Bryan fits in as a perfect outfielder with insane hitting ability.

Three clubs, Including The Yankees, Are The frontrunners To Acquire Bryan

Brian Cashman
Brian Cashman,

The Yankees front office has set no foot wrong this off-season. However, after failing to seal an extension deal with Andrew Benintendi, the Bombers have an empty hole in their left field. Hence, they need Bryan Reynolds to fill in that spot. Bryan is an all-field player and can end the left-field blues for the Yankees. Thus, the Yankees are in talks with the outfielder to make a deal. However, Bryan has set a high price tag for himself and is not likely to settle for less. As a result, the Bombers will have to empty their pockets to fit Bryan in their roaster.

Meanwhile, Jon Morosi of MLB Network reported that Texas Rangers are currently leading the race to acquire Bryan Reynolds. On the other hand, Los Angeles Dodgers are another party showing interest in the outfielder. As far as the Yankees are concerned, they have less amount of funds available. But the brand name could work in their favor. Nonetheless, the young outfielder will have a tough choice to make this off-season. Also, he will have to choose a better roaster for himself in order to secure his future.

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