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Before the New York Yankees fan could recover from Gerrit Cole’s elbow injury news, Aaron Judge’s mysterious absence came as a huge blow. Judge, who had a shortened day on Sunday, was scratched off the Yankees lineup the following day without any prior notice of any health issues.

It was only after the reporters cornered Aaron Judge that he revealed he was having issues with his abdominal region. While Judge’s confession was acceptable, Aaron Boone’s bluff from the other day angered the fans, including popular podcasters who called out the manager in their recent podcast episode.


Jomboy, Jake Calls Out Aaron Boone Lies Over Aaron Judge’s Abs Injury

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After Aaron Judge was pulled up with a mere two at-bats on Sunday, New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone claimed the idea was pre-planned. However, the fans voiced their concern when the captain ended up missing the following day. Boone then took a U-turn to say that Judge was feeling banged up with the spring workload and needed a couple of day’s rest. But the skipper insisted that the slugger will be back on Wednesday. However, once again, Boone’s lies were exposed when Aaron Judge himself cleared the air. On Tuesday, Judge confessed to having an MRI scan around his abs area over some discomfort that he has been dealing with for a week.

As the captain was shut down for the rest of the week, with an uncertain opening day presence, Yankees’ podcaster, Jomboy, and Jake got furious with Boone. In their latest ‘Talkin Yanks’ podcast episode, Jomboy and Jake discussed how Aaron Boone has a tendency to downplay injuries and keep the fans in the dark. Jomboy added that he knew Boone was hiding something when he saw Judge in visible discomfort after his second swing on Sunday. He just knew something didn’t add up. Furthermore, Jake chipped in, saying that all the Yankees’ manager did in this situation was lie. All he had to do was come clean and say straight up that Aaron Judge was not well. Since it’s just spring, they don’t want to take any risks. That would have been more than enough. But instead, Boone chose to twist it up to claim that the captain would return when he knew that wouldn’t be the case.

Yankees Captain Won’t Swing Till Weekend But Confident Of Opening Day Participation

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge sat out the spring training games on March 11, 2024. AP

In a major sign of relief, Aaron Judge confirmed that his abs MRI scans results have been positive. He is just banged up with the work he put in during off-season working on his mechanics. Moreover, since it’s only March, Judge thought it would be wise not to push through the limits and take some days off.

Moreover, Aaron Judge added that he is pretty confident about participating in the Yankee’s opening-day game against the Houston Astros. He would rather skip a few unimportant spring games than miss out on crucial games in April. “I was a little banged up and needed a couple of days. Hopefully, we’ll get back out there soon,” said Judge.

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