Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge sat out the spring training games on March 11, 2024. AP

Doomsday could be near for Aaron Judge’s New York with just two weeks left until the 2024 season opening day versus the Houston Astros. As the spring campaign nears its conclusion, the camp has been hit by a couple of concerning injury setbacks, which could be critical to the team’s rebound intentions.

Gerrit Cole, the reigning AL CY Young pitcher, has reported trouble in recovery between starts. Accordingly, the Yankees have reportedly scheduled an MRI scan for his pitching elbow to figure out the root cause. In addition to Cole, the captain, Aaron Judge, is down with soreness and has been shut down for the imminent future.


Aaron Judge Rested Until Wednesday As Precautionary Measure!

New York Yankees’ Aaron Judge watches during the first inning of a baseball game against the Baltimore Orioles, Monday, July 3, 2023, in New York. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

New York Yankees could likely step into the 2024 season without two of its pillars, Gerrit Cole and Aaron Judge. After Cole reported issues with his pitching elbow, Judge complained of soreness as a result of an excessive spring training workload. The captain was pulled up after a mere two at-bats during Sunday’s 9-8 win over the Atlanta Braves. While skipper Aaron Boone squashed injury concerns, saying Judge’s shortened outing was always part of the plan, his absence on Monday raised doubts. Boone eventually admitted that Aaron has been dealing with some soreness and is beaten up by the spring workload. As a precautionary measure, the skipper decided to rest Judge until Wednesday.

In an ideal world, the captain should be able to play center field on Wednesday. Notably, Aaron Judge said that it’s only March, and he wants to preserve himself for the long haul. He is completely on board with Aaron Boone’s plan to split his time with Trent Grisham in the outfield. Having said that, concerns surrounding Judge’s health stem from the toe injury the slugger is nursing. He missed eight weeks last year with a ligament tear. And admitted this year that his toe will need maintenance for the rest of his career. Therefore, the captain’s overall well-being and workload management are the Yankee’s top priorities. By prioritizing his routine, the team aims to enhance Judge’s resilience and durability over the course of a grueling 162-game season. Hopefully, the former MVP’s soreness is not a cause of major worry, as his presence is pivotal for the New York Yankees’ successful season.

Yankees Fans Suspicious With Aaron Boone’s Dual Stand On Judge’s Health Concern

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone and right fielder Aaron Judge are on the cusp of qualifying for the playoffs.AP

When Aaron Boone scratched Aaron Judge early on Sunday, he termed his decision pre-planned. The skipper said he talked to Judge about shortening his outing and that the slugger was on board with it. But after the captain ended up missing the second spring game in a row on Monday, Boone dropped a bombshell health update.

The Yankees manager revealed Aaron Judge is beat up with spring workload and has reported soreness. Thus, he has decided to shut Judge down until Wednesday as a precautionary measure. However, the fans aren’t buying a word. They believe the captain’s actual health status is being hidden as the story read by Boone does not add up.

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