Aaron Judge Yankees
Aaron Judge Yankees Source: Fox News

The New York Yankees need Aaron Judge to stay healthy throughout the season if they really want to win the 2024 World Series. Clearly, the NY side is going all-in this season to end their drought of a championship ring. It has been since 2009 that the Bronx Bombers never made it to the “Fall Classic.” But the fans have high hopes for the three superstars currently on their roster – Aaron Judge, Juan Soto, and Gerrit Cole. Moreover, in 2023, the offense really let the team down. Several key players stayed on the Injured List for a long time.

As a result, the pitching department got weaker as well. Carlos Rodon and Nestor Cortes could not play the supporting role to Gerrit Cole that the Pinstripes really needed. On the other hand, the toe injury of the Yankees captain was a big blow to the NY side’s 2023 campaign. After all, Judge was their only superstar slugger last year. But in 2024, the fans are eagerly waiting for the Judge-Soto duo to bolster their offense throughout the year. However, during a spring training game, the AL 2022 MVP had to exit early, making the fans think the worst had happened.


Is Aaron Judge All Right? Fans Are Not Very Optimistic About It

Aaron Judge Yankees
Aaron Judge Yankees Source: CNN

The Yankees Faithful hoped to see their captain break more records in 2023. After all, Aaron Judge won the Most Valued Player award in the previous year because he broke the home run record in the American League. Since then, the AL 2022 MVP started the 2023 season on a positive note. He went on to hit 37 home runs overall in 2023. However, the team suffered because of his toe injury, which happened due to a freak accident at the Los Angeles Dodgers fence. As a result, he missed 35 games on the trot, and that’s where the Yankee’s chances went to zero in 2023.

Later this year, ahead of the spring training, Aaron Judge mentioned he fears his toe injury will need constant maintenance throughout the rest of his career. It does not really do the Yankees Faithful any good. Moreover, the fans blame the organization for lying to them. The Yankees initially said he suffered a toe injury. But then, he missed game time for two months because of a torn ligament. Hence, the fans feel insecure about the team’s health update about Judge. On March 11, the Yankees captain was out of the rotation for the split-squad games. The fans are already smelling something fishy. 

Fans And The Yankees Team Will Have Close Eye On The AL 2022 MVP This Year

Aaron Boone Yankees
Aaron Boone Yankees Source: Sports Illustrated

Undoubtedly, Aaron Judge will be under a lot of scrutiny this season. Fans believe the team’s captain is still not 100% healthy. Most importantly, the Yankees Faithful smell deception from their beloved team once again about Judge’s health status. However, Aaron Boone mentioned that the Judge did not play the split-squad game due to a specific strategy.

Bryan Hoch, an analyst, reported that Aaron Boone passed over Judge in lieu of the new outfielder Trent Grisham. But the fans fear the team is hiding the true health status of Aaron Judge from them. Moreover, the Yankees have done it in the past. Last year, the NY side was not initially honest about Carlos Rodon’s health status either. Moreover, the team was not open about Frankie Montas, the pitcher, who would miss the entire season either. 

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