Aaron Judge At First Base
Aaron Judge At First Base Source: MLB.com

Aaron Judge must stay healthy throughout the season if the New York Yankees need to make it to the World Series. The team really depends on their captain a great deal. After all, he is the 2022 AL MVP & holds the record for most home runs in the American League. Again, he is the favorite to win the Most Valued Player award this year, only if he stays healthy. Who knew what could have happened last year if the Yankees captain had not torn his ligament after the freak accident at the Los Angeles Dodgers fence? He started the season pretty well, as he went on to hit 37 home runs. But after his toe injury, he mostly stayed out in June and July.

That cost the New York Yankees a great deal, as Aaron was their only superstar slugger. However, this year, the Yankees have Juan Soto in the lineup too. Nevertheless, there is no substitute for the team’s captain. However, in the spring training this year, Judge doesn’t seem to be 100% healthy. Prior to the spring training, Aaron Judge mentioned he will have to take constant care of the torn ligament in his big toe for the rest of his career. If that was bad news, then lately, the Yankees captain underwent an MRI on his abs, and he won’t be able to swing his bat for a little while.


Aaron Judge Undergoes MRI On His Abs

Aaron Judge
Yankees Aaron Judge looks toward the Yankees dugout before hitting a massive home run against the Blue Jays. Sportsnet

The Yankees Faithful want the truth about their “Savior’s” health status. Lately, Boone mentioned that the AL 2022 MVP is feeling sore and beat up due to his core and overall body. Later, the news came that Judge underwent an MRI on his abs. He has not been playing much and was struggling a bit. Hence, it was essential to know what was really going on. Lately, Bryan Hoch reported on X that the Yankees captain will not swing a bat again for a little while.

Perhaps for the whole week, Judge won’t swing a bat. He said that after undergoing MRI on his abs. Moreover, Aaron Judge mentioned, “Really there’s no need to push it.” Apparently, the Yankees captain is looking forward to playing on the Opening Day. Clearly, Aaron Judge is confident that this minor setback won’t cost his fitness. The team is doing the MRI to find out if there is anything wrong. But Judge feels he will be swinging a bat very soon. 

The Yankees Captain Focusing On The Opening Day

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge sat out the spring training games on March 11, 2024. AP

Since starting to play baseball, Aaron Judge has been quite injury-prone. However, over the years, the American League 2022 MVP has learned to deal with the nicks and minor injuries throughout the season. Moreover, Aaron Boone mentioned that the judge had learned to cover his injuries pretty well. But last year, things went really bad. The Yankees Nation hopes not to see something like that happen again.

Anyway, the Yankees as a team have learned to be cautious and give Judge any additional break he needs to stay healthy and injury-free. Lately, Aaron Judge mentioned that everything came back good after they had run the tests. According to Judge, he was a little “Banged up” initially and just needed two days of rest. He hopes to get back out there sooner rather than later. 

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