Lou Trivino
Lou Trivino

New York Yankees pitcher, Lou Trivino, termed the club’s current bullpen as one of the best he has ever been a part of.

The New York Yankees pitching rotation depth is a cause of concern for the club. None of the relievers could find a spot on the MLB Network’s Top 10 list this year. Moreover, a majority of the depth is reeling under injury concerns. Hence, the Yanks front office has an uphill task awaiting as the 2023 MLB season opening day closes in. However, keeping health issues aside, the rotation is filled with strong names who could possess the capability of turning the season around.


Lou Trivino, who arrived from Oakland Athletics in a trade package along with Frankie Montas last season, spoke highly of the Yankees’ current bullpen. Moreover, the pitcher signed a one-year extension contract with the Bombers’ to avoid arbitration. Evidently, Lou brushed off all the concerns and termed the Yanks’ current rotation dangerous for the MLB.

Lou Trivino Calls Yankees Bullpen A Place Filled With Immense Talent


Lou Trivino joined the New York Yankees as a result of a trade with the Oakland Athletics. The Yanks’ main target was Frankie Montas, and Lou was just an add-on. However, Trivino emerged as the dark horse and proved more useful than Montas. Meanwhile, ahead of the 2023 MLB season, the pitcher ranked the Yankees’ current bullpen as one of the best ever to exist. Lou said the bullpen is filled with tons of quality talents and referred to them as the strongest arms in the whole MLB.

Furthermore, Lou Trivino gave the example of Clay Holmes and said the pitcher has a ridiculous speed of 102 mph with 23 inches of run. The 31-year-old further added that along with a talented bullpen, the Yankees have an even more stable and lethal starting rotation. Lastly, Lou termed the Yanks’ present bullpen “dangerous for MLB” and promised to leave a mark worth remembering. Undoubtedly, the Bombers’ pitching rotation and depth are among the best on paper. However, the guys have to remain injury free if at all they aim to make a difference this season.

 “I think we’re going to be very dangerous for the MLB,” says Lou Trivino.

Hunt For The Fifth Pitching Starter On For The Yanks

Frankie Montas
Frankie Montas-Yankees

A jolting news hit the New York Yankees camp ahead of the spring training. Days after Frankie Montas signed a one-year extension contract to avoid arbitration, the pitcher picked up an unwanted injury. A shoulder injury that kept Montas out for the majority of the 2022 season has apparently resurfaced. Moreover, the inflamed shoulder will take about 6-8 weeks to recover. Hence, that rules out the pitcher for at least the first month of the season.

Coming to the replacements, the Yankees need a strong arm, as the front office initially planned to fit Montas in the starting rotation. Moreover, Clarke Schmidt and Domingo German are the front runners to replace Monats as the fifth starter. However, a few pitchers are likely to audition in the spring training and could be added to the bullpen accordingly.

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