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Yankees’ Newbie Carlos Rodon Unable To Perform Well In The Spring Training?

Now that the Spring training of the American major league baseball has started, fans can see how their favorite player is doing this year. Speaking of the New York Yankees, all the players have been transported to Tampa. And the Bronx Bombers have started the training at the George M. Steinbrenner Field. On Friday afternoon, the very first official live training video was released, and fans have already started looking at how the new member of the Yankees, Carlos Rodon, and the others are doing.

This year, the chances for the new York baseball team to win the championship have been raised even higher. Now finally, the Yankees have a captain, Aaron Judge, who is not just a slugger, but also a season record-breaker. The Yankees left nothing behind in terms of offering crazy deals to the free agents and also in trading; they got Judge back, and one of the most famous faces who appeared in the Yankees during the off-season was Carlos Rodon. According to manager Aaron Boone, the Yankees have got the best rotations this year. But is this true? Looking at the spring training, the Yankees really need to be realistic.

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“Was Fun, Because Of How Competitive He Gets,” Said Aaron Boone About Carlos Rodon

In the official live batting practice, fans saw that even after 12 pitches to hitters Jose Travino and Ben Rortvedt did absolutely nothing. Not even lift the bat off their shoulder. Given that, some sarcastic questions started coming out of Carlos Rodon. He asked if the batters were just not going to swing at all or what the plan was exactly. Kyle Higashioka, who was there to catch Rodon, said, “I was laughing pretty hard behind the plate.”

Carlos Rodon signed with the New York Yankees last December. The contract included $162 million for a six-year deal. He came to the Yankees with hopes that he surely would do something great ahead, but at present, during the first pitches, he has been ‘filthy’ from the mound with the Yankees, on the three pitches ending. Ending the simulated inning, Rodon came back to strike out the next hitter.

Carlos Rodon
Carlos Rodon

Looking at the performance of the new left handler, manager Aaron Boone, said, “it was fun to see how competitive he gets.” Boone admitted that Trevy was tracking the first at-bat against Carlos Rodon, and the way he ticked off that we are not swinging really raised the game a little bit.

Yankees are hoping to see the trophy this year following the 30-year-old Rodon’s entry. He, on the other hand, is all ready to give everything. He said, “We [the etam] can definitely push each other, start to start. It is just one of those inner competitions.” He made a funny statement about Gerrit, claiming that he is a funny guy to watch, and everyone watched him for a while. “he makes it look easy,” said Carlos Rodon.