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Max Verstappen’s Dirty Past Dug Up By Avid Lewis Hamilton Fans! Secure Top Position In “Hall Of Shame”

Max Verstappen became a two-time back-to-back Formula One world champion by the end of the 2022 season. Winning 15 out of the 22 races held last year, he surpassed Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel and attained world attention. But his achievements are not the only thing that often gets discussed among the fandom of Formula One. All drivers have a life. People, and a mouth, and sometimes, the words coming out from it gets trolled badly. Not only do the drivers get appreciation when they drive well, but they also get the same criticism when they make mistakes. 

Comparing the drivers based on what good or bad they did is perhaps the favorite time pass of fans. However, sometimes things cross borders. Like what will you do if some people will put your favorite driver in the ‘hall of shame’? You will get upset, of course. But, if you are a Max Verstappen fan, you must have become familiar with such activities on social media so far. He is the only driver who gets represented like he got no heart when he races. Crashing most of the time when he finds others blocking him, he is famous for kicking off rivals from the track and also targeting the seven-time world champion all the time. As a result, Max Verstappen got named “Mad Max.” 

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Max Verstappen In The Hall Of Shame

Indeed the Red Bull star deserves a specific space in the hall of fame for the way he dominated in the 2022 season. But does he not deserve a place in the hall of fame for the selfish moves he took against his own teammate Sergio Perez at Interlagos? And for all the inappropriate crashes he was responsible for? Some say it was just a part of the sport, but some tend to criticize mad behaviors of Max. 

Recently via Twitter, an account named Pitstop Fracas created a post that may show a little concern for Max Verstappen. The admin started a poll on social media with the caption, “We have seen some stinker performances in Formula One, [now] tell us your favoritehall of shame” driver. Fans from all across the world started taking part. Speaking of Max Verstappen, we do not lack content. But two of the past incidents of the Red Bull driver remain blockbusters. One, “Max 2021 Saudi by a mile,” and another, “Jeddah 2022,” as suggested by fans. 

During the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, 2021, in the qualifying session, when Max Verstappen crashed into the barrier. He probably pushed the car too hard, and thus, his rival, the Mercedes star, got the pole position. And in the investigation, Max was caught for brake-tested paving the way for Hamilton’s victory in the race. All the fans had different opinions, but mostly Max Verstappen was mentioned in the hall of shame moves for the 2021 Saudi Arabia crash. Well, you can share your opinion, too; the comment box is open; please use it!