Aaron Boone, Jake Storiale

The New York Yankees have witnessed a terrible run this month. Since Aaron Judge landed in IL, the offense has stayed on the downside on most days, which eventually led to crucial back-to-back losses. The team, however, is doing everything in their power to turn things around. But the idea of playing without their star slugger has rattled their mindset to the core.

In the words of Yankees GM Brian Cashman, the entire unit is ” frustrated.” Rightly so. As of this writing, the Bombers are placed third on the AL-East table with a record of 40-33. Despite putting their best foot forward, luck has been on the team’steam’s other side. The frustration was widely visible when the team manager, Aaron Boone, got into a heated argument with a podcaster while discussing his recent questionable strategies.


Podcaster’s Grilling Questions Left The Yankees Manager Fuming

Aaron Boone
Yankees manager Aaron Boone didn’t use his closer in last night’s ALDS Game 3 loss to the Guardians. David Dermer/AP

New York Yankees faced Boston Red Sox a couple of weeks ago and ended up losing the series after being knocked out in the rubber game. However, for the most part, the Yankees looked in control. But a few decision lapses cost them the game. Recently, the team’s manager, Aaron Boone, was confronted on the same by a popular podcaster. Jake Storiale pushed Boone when he asked about a particularly strategic move that backfired on the team. In the eighth inning, the Bombers had a 2-1 lead. Shortly after, the Red Sox put runners on the second and third base, hence creating an opportunity to score. However, Aaron Boone did not try to prevent the run. He rather chose to keep the infield at normal depth, which allowed the Red Sox to score the tying run with a grounded hit.

When confronted about the same, the manager snapped at Jake and said that it was not even debatable. In the top of eighth inning, that was the best decision he could make. Boone explained that the Yankees had two at-bats lined up, and he placed his bet on batters to score. However, Jake countered him, saying that the Yankee’s offense had been horrible this whole month. So what prompted Boone to have such blind faith in his batters? Boone was stumped and asked Jake to contemplate it once the podcast was over. But Jake was not backing out as he once again countered the manager, saying he did the analysis for whole two weeks before bringing up this question. The heated debate ended with Boone saying, “When you manage the team, you can bring them in in that situation.”

Fans Urge Aaron Boone To Keep His Temper In Check Following A Heated Exchange With Podcaster

Aaron Boone
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images/Tribune News Service

Yankees manager, Aaron Boone, has had a tough month. The team lost its star player, Aaron Judge to injury. On top of that, he has been unable to control the offensive damage. Also, a couple of additional injury concerns are constantly nagging him in the back. Hence, all of this piled frustration burst out during a recent conversation with a podcaster. Boone got into a heated debate with Talkin Yank’s podcaster after the latter questioned his strategic calls.

However, the fans aren’t impressed with the manager’s wild outburst. They urged the 50-year-old to keep his temper in check while participating in such conversations. Not only that, but a few fans also sided with the podcaster on the whole matter by validating his point. That being said, as a manager of the franchise with a large fanbase, Aaron Boone needs to get used to such criticism. His snapping out like this does not help with the overall reputation of the club.