Red Bull Boss Drivers
Red Bull Boss Drivers Source: Marca

Red Bull is the most dominant Formula One team at present. They have been successful in enjoying hegemony since the introduction of the cost cap rule, which came into effect in 2021. Red Bull won the driver’s world championship thanks to Max Verstappen. But from 2022, Mercedes made way for the arch-rivals to enjoy complete dominance on the grid. Apparently, the Silver Arrows could not figure out a way to build the fastest car under the cost cap restrictions.

On the other hand, Red Bull won 17 races the previous season, among which Max Verstappen won 15 alone, while Sergio Perez won a couple of them last year. But this season, it seems like the Dutchman is determined to break his last year’s record. He has already won 6 races out of eight so far and is enjoying a healthy lead over his teammate Checo as well as the rest of the drivers. But the question fans are asking is how long Red Bull and its drivers will keep dominating the grid.


Sky F1 Reporter Says Red Bull Won’t Be As Dominating From Next Year

Red Bull's RB19 & Mercedes' W14
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Currently, no other team has a chance against RB19, and there is no competition. Red Bull is enjoying a 154 points lead over the second-placed Mercedes in the constructors’ championship. They are not looking back and not giving any other team a chance to give them any competition. Moreover, fans believe Red Bull will win all the races this season. No team in history has been able to reach that feat, but Red Bull certainly has a golden opportunity. They have won eight out of eight so far. Only 14 more races to go, and if Mercedes, Ferrari, or Aston Martin finds no way to beat them, then they will achieve the record-breaking feat. However, Sky Sports F1 reporter Ted Kravitz believes that team Red Bull will lose their hegemony at the end of this season. He believes the Red Bull team will feel the effect of the cost cap penalties after this season gets over.

For breaching the cost cap in 2021, Red Bull had to pay a $7 million fine along with a 10% reduction of the wind tunnel last year. The Sky Sports presenter suggests that at the end of the season, the current table toppers won’t be able to do as many aerodynamic tests as they would like. He feels that the RB18 and RB19 look pretty similar. The upper surface and side pods look similar because Adrian Newey and Pierre Wache spent all their Christmas working on the floor. Even Wache himself told Ted that the RB20 model will have an effect on the cut in aerodynamic tests at the end of the season.

Ted Kravitz Says The Milton Keynes Team Deserve To Be Champions This Year

Christian Horner Max Verstappen Red Bull
Max Verstappen Christian Horner Red Bull Source: Eurosport

Red Bull will or will not face issues next year, depends on how the team uses their sources. However, Kravitz believes that they will win this year’s championship as they deserve to. Moreover, Max Verstappen is driving at a whole new level. Nobody can deny the tremendous success Red Bull’s team has enjoyed over the last two years and is continuing to do so. Last weekend, they enjoyed their 100 Grand Prix wins. Moreover, the chief technical officer, Adrian Newey, enjoyed his designed car’s 200th Grand Prix win. Last year Max Verstappen won 15 races which is the most for any racer in F1 history.