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Yankees Josh Donaldson Suffers Bizarre Injury At Home, Return Gets Delayed

Injuries have derailed the Yankees’ 2023 season campaign. Before the crisis hit them, the team enjoyed a record series win streak. However, as soon as injuries continued to pile up, the streak broke, and the Bronx Bombers, to date, have not been able to recover from the damage it caused. As the season progresses, these unprecedented concerns will only hamper the team’s quest for a World Series title this year,

Meanwhile, the New York Yankees have encountered another setback in their quest for a successful season. Their third baseman Josh Donaldson has suffered another injury that has further delayed his return from the hamstring one. This unfortunate incident has raised concerns about Donaldson’s availability and has added to the team’s challenges as they strive to compete in the 2023 season.


Josh Donaldson’s Return From Hamstring Injury Set To Get Delayed

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New York Yankees under fire baseman, Josh Donaldson, received a second life with the team as he avoided trade possibilities during the off-season. The 37-year-old has added no value to the Yankees ever since his arrival in the Bronx. Hence, fans wanted him gone. But the highly optimistic or rather delusional Bombers’ front office instilled faith in him. Josh started at third base this season and secured one homer in five games before falling prey to injury. In the second week of April, the infielder strained his hamstring and entered the IL. Moreover, despite timely rehab and ample rest, the baseman could not recover within the set timeline.

Now as per early reports, Josh Donaldson has suffered another setback. According to MLB insider Bryan Hoch, the Yankees’ third baseman sliced his thumb at home while performing some household activity. Moreover, Bryan says this minor injury could most likely delay his return to the Yankees roster. It is worth noting that Donaldson completed his rehab assignment with Double-A Somerset Patriots a couple of weeks ago but reported back with some persisting discomfort. Also, Josh is now placed on the same return timetable as Giancarlo Stanton, who also remains on the IL due to a hamstring pull. The Yankees are yet to call in reinforcements for the time being.

Yankees Fans Troll Josh Donaldson Over His Latest Bizarre Injury

Josh Donaldson

Third baseman Josh Donaldson has always ended up on the wrong side of the infamous Yankee fan base. His concerning form is the major contributor to all the hate and booing he receives. Naturally, as the rumors of the baseman’s delayed return surfaced, the fans couldn’t be happier. They stormed to Twitter to express their emotions and asked Donaldson to take as much as he wanted to recover. The sarcasm was meant to remind Josh that the fans do not wish to see him in the lineup anytime soon.

Contrary to the Yankee fan’s opinion, the timing of Donaldson’s injury is particularly unfortunate, as the Yankees are striving to gain momentum and climb in the standings. In a highly competitive division, every game is crucial, and the team cannot afford prolonged absences from key players. The Yankees will need to rely on their depth and the contributions of other players to compensate for Donaldson’s absence.