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Yankees Owner Apparently Holding Closed Door Meetings With Aaron Judge & Gerrit Cole!

The New York Yankees 2023 season campaign looks nothing like the fans hoped for. After the off-season, many top baseball pundits coined the Bronx Bombers as the strongest team and one to watch out for. However, all those adjectives remained only on the paper. The performance on the field does not do justice to the caliber this roster hold.

Multiple factors have contributed to the Yankees’ downfall this season. From injury concerns to inconsistent gameplay to a lack of roster depth, all these crucial factors collectively put the Bombers at the bottom of the East table until last week. While the team has managed to ditch the last spot, the road ahead seems tougher. In the midst of the crisis, the Yankees owner stepped in to intervene and perform his part in controlling the alarming situation.


Yankees Owner Summons Aaron Judge, Gerrit Cole To Take Account Of The Team’s Situation

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees poses for a photo with Yankees principal owner Hal Steinbrenner after a press conference at Yankee Stadium

The New York Yankees’ ongoing season has turned into a nightmare for the fans. The team remains in the worst possible state in the East Division, with multiple key players on the roster spending crucial time on IL. If the current trend prolongs for a little over a couple of months, the team can consider themselves out of the postseason race. Hence, to curb the crisis, team owner and businessman Hal Steinbrenner has jumped to the rescue. He appeared on a podcast with New York Post’s Jon Heyman and Joel Sherman and revealed his tactics and strategies to overcome the current gruesome challenge.

Hal reckoned that he is holding closed-door meetings with the likes of Aaron Judge, Gerrit Cole, and Yankees general manager Brian Cashman. The owner said it’s a new thing that was adopted this season. The idea behind summoning Judge and Cole is to understand their perspective of their respective department and know the issues and challenges they are facing. Steinbrenner added there is utmost transparency in the discussion, and everyone is allowed to share their thoughts without any hesitation. It’s merely a healthy practice he wants to take up to address the team’s problems and find the most appropriate timely solution so that the roster can perform better on the field.

Hal Steinbrenner Responds On Whether He Considers Bombers’ Current Season As A Failure

Hal Steinbrenner, Mike Stobe Getty Images

Yes, it’s too early to say if the New York Yankees have failed to achieve their ultimate goal of the season, which is to win the World Series title. However, looking at the current trend, that unfortunate day is not too far away. The fans certainly see the Bombers’ current season as a failure. But what does the man who owns the said $7 billion team think? Well, he does not see it as a failure at all. Hal Steinbrenner, the Yankees owner, said failing to win the championship does not necessarily makes the entire season a failure.

Hal believes winning the World Series title is the ultimate goal of every other team who plays in MLB. If they lose, they fall short of that ultimate goal. But does that make the entire year-long season a failure? Most probably not. Hal adds when you look back at a season, you see the wins the Yankees have achieved. You see, in the East division, the team has managed to rule. Hence, the absence of the World Series ring should certainly not overshadow these accolades.