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Yankees’ Aaron Judge Eying Another Home Run Title This Year! Officially Back In The HR Race

It’s safe to say that the recent cheating controversy has failed to rattle the New York Yankees captain, Aaron Judge. The reigning AL-MVP and the undisputed home run record holder is too big of a player to get bothered by these unproven allegations. His ultimate goal is to score and help his team, the Yankees, win as many games as possible.

To provide a little context, earlier this week, Toronto Blue Jays accused Aaron Judge of stealing signs during his at-bat. The slugger immediately jumped to his defense and denied playing foul. But the fiasco persisted as the Blue Jays used it to put the Yankees under pressure. Amid this, Judge’s personal accolades went completely unnoticed.


Aaron Judge Is Back To Doing What He Does Best

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge drops his bat after his home run. Twitter-NYY

New York Yankees captain Aaron Judge scripted history last season by smoking 62 homers in a single MLB season. However, this year, he has been off to a rocky start. The slugger suffered from a hip strain injury which landed him on a 10-day IL. As a result, the cap had to miss a significant amount of game time. But when Judge returned, he returned in style. In the past five games, the Captain has scored five homers, including two multi-homer games. With this, his overall tally has sored up to 11.

Last season, the Yankees’ slugger rode alone in the home run race. However, this time, owing to an unstable start, he has plunged down to number six. Regardless, Aaron Judge has started to show glimpses of his 2022 form and still has plenty of games left to play. Hence, if the slugger continues to feed on the current form, another home run record is not too far from the AL-MVP’s reach. While recreating a 62-home-run season is next to impossible for the majority of the batters, with a player of Judge’s caliber, never say never.

Former Yankee Refers To Judge As The “Mythical Hero”

Aaron Judge
Fans watch as New York Yankees’ Aaron Judge comes to bat during the third inning of the team’s baseball game against the Baltimore Orioles on Friday, Sept. 30, 2022, in New York. (AP Photo/Adam Hunger

Aaron Judge’s 2022 season is widely regarded as one of the strongest and most successful offensive seasons in the history of MLB. Rightly so. He rewrote the books of history with 62 homers and took home his first MVP award. Meanwhile, his former teammate and current Padres infielder, Matt Carpenter, shed some light on what it was like watching the slugger hit homer after homer from the Yankee dugout.

Appearing on The Chris Rose Rotation podcast, Matt said he gazed at Aaron Judge during the 2022 season as if he were some mythical hero. The infielder further added, “I felt like I was watching one of the legendary Yankees that you read about in books.” We understand Carpenter’s sentiments as almost any other Yankee fan probably felt the same thing watching the 6-foot-7 beast smoke homers like a child play. Let’s hope Judge retains his current form and puts on the best possible show, good enough to get the Yankees the long-awaited World Series championship.