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Nugget Player Believes LeBron James Will Return With A “Spark”! Reveals The Only Difference Between Lakers’ Star & Nikola Jokic

The Los Angeles Lakers have headed into the finals of the Western Conference. A team with no hopes of even finishing the top 10 is one of the best teams on their table. And all the credit goes to the time change executives made during the trade deadline in February. Apart from them, the constant elite involvement of LeBron James and Anthony Davis is another crucial element. The two of them had many injury problems during the regular season, but the decreased load helps them come back better in every game.

Undoubtedly, LeBron James plays a key role in managing the players around them. He is an influence that pushes, motivates, and helps players bring out the best in them. The players who have played with him know what he brings to the table. And Kentavious Caldwell Pope is one player who has played with both LeBron and Nikola Jokic. And since he has seen both players in action, he highly believes in their skills. In the postgame interview, Pope was posed with various questions about the playing style of both players. And he has revealed many details he observed while playing alongside the two superstars.


Caldwell Pope’s Share His Experience With The Lakers

Lakers Vs Nuggets

LeBron James & Kentavious Caldwell Pope go way back. The duo was together three years ago to win the last championship title for LA. However, this time they were in different locker rooms competing against each other to advance in the postseason. But for the sake of an old relationship, James gave him a warm hug after the game finished for the sake of their old friendship on the team.

While discussing their dynamic at the end of the game, Caldwell-Pope told FOX Sports, “They’re my brothers, man.” But Pope also realizes that he now has the loyalty for the Denver Nuggets. And he ultimately did his job in faith. Pope was one of the guys who said that James had lost his spark when they were 2-10 at the start. However, he stood corrected last night, saying, “He’s gotten it back.”

Remembering his old days with the Lakers, Caldwell Pope said that he was built and developed in LA and that time was necessary for his career. And against them, he scored a vital 21 points, along with two rebounds and three assists. Looking at his performance, even Dallas Mavericks’ Luka Doncic said the ten-year vet is built for moments like this.

Who Is Better; LeBron James Or Nikola Jokic?

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There is no better person to talk about the two superstars LeBron James and Nikola Jokic than Pope. He has spent enough time with the two to give some insight into the playing style of the two. The key difference that he laid down was in strength and intelligence. James has been the wild athletic being with all the right genetics to help him master athleticism. Meanwhile, Jokic depends more on his intelligence to bring out the best in him.

LeBron has been known for his ability to run to the rim and score ruthlessly. His athleticism helps him run and jump harder than his opponents. Jokic, on the other hand, has mastered playmaking skills. This series will be an amazing showdown between the two, and their contrasting style makes it more exciting.