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“LeBron James Is An Outsider For Lakers Fans” Skip Bayless Defends James For Not Having Fans’ Allegience

Everybody Knows Skip Bayless Never Really Liked LeBron James. But in recent times, the dynamics between the two have changed a bit. Apparently, the Undisputed Host has softened a bit. People are familiar with seeing his co-host Shannon Sharpe taking the side of LeBron James while Skip roasting the Lakers’ ace. However, recently, the Undisputed host has often been heard praising LeBron James.

Bayless has always displayed hatred towards James. However, with time people change, and maybe that is what is happening with Skip Bayless. LeBron James has almost led the Lakers to yet another conference final at the age of 38. He has broken so many records this year. It is hard not to accept his greatness or even changing mind about who’s the GOAT. Perhaps these achievements made Bayless say LeBron is not an outsider in Lakers franchise.


Skip Bayless Defends LeBron James Against Haters Calling Him “Outsider”

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LeBron James Lakers Skip Bayless Source: MARCA

The NBA community knew one name for almost 40 years as the greatest scorer. But LeBron James broke Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s record and created history. The man from Akron, Ohio, is also among the top five of the league’s playoffs in rebounds and assists of all time. After all these accomplishments, perhaps Skip Bayless is naturally changing his opinion for James. Currently, there were few Lakers fans who questioned LeBron’s allegiance to the franchise. Even though James has been playing for the Los Angeles Lakers for five years now. He has already won a championship with the Lakers in the 2019-20 season. But still, the Lakers faithful feel that LeBron James is an outsider.

Even when he first joined the Lakers, many fans criticized the move. Some said that it would have a negative impact on the legacy of Kobe Bryant in the history of the franchise. Some haters said that it was a clever plan on LeBron’s end to win a title at the fag end of the career. It has been five years, and James has won almost all the hearts of the Lakers faithful. But there are those people who cannot stop calling him an outsider. But Skip Bayless has surprisingly taken a stand to defend James against these people. The Uninterrupted host mentioned, “LeBron James is an integral part of Hollywood. He has a production company here as well. How can he be an outsider?” The worst critic of King James believes that he was meant to be a Laker. But Bayless feels that James just joined the Lakers really late in his career. King James has been performing exceedingly well even after he reached 38.

Why This Sudden Change Of Skip’s Heart?

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Skip Bayless Source: Front Office Sports

Skip Bayless surprised everyone as he paid tribute to LeBron James on his 38th birthday, saying, “He is the best passer and unstoppable driver of the ball of all time.” Why this sudden change of heart? A lot of people may ask Bayless. But the good news for Shannon Sharpe is that he has now got his co-host to agree with his assumptions about James.

Over the years, the Undisputed co-host of Sharpe has spoken about James with tremendous animosity. Albeit, it now looks as if he has decided to keep it aside. However, it may change again depending on if King James leads the Lakers to yet another championship this playoff.