Christian Horner & Lewis Hamilton

Team Principal Christian Horner is enjoying his time as the Red Bull team principal at present, mostly because of their hegemony on the grid. No F1 team yet has won all the races in a season. The best record of an F1 team in a season goes to Mercedes, winning 19 races. Last year Red Bull came pretty close last season as they won 17. Max Verstappen alone won 15 races, and the Mexican won a couple. But at present, Red Bull has won all the races so far in the season. Thus far, Max Verstappen has won three, and Sergio Perez is already off to a great start since he has won two. So, looks like they are targeting this mega record held by none other than their biggest rival team.

In a light context, Horner has surprisingly agreed with Lewis Hamilton’s recent comment about the motorsport’s visualization in the Netflix show, Drive to Survive. Apparently, the Mercedes driver feels that some parts of the show look more like Kardashians On Wheels. Regarding the same, Horner pointed out to the journey through all trials and tribulations that every team has to go through. The Red Bull boss noted that the dynamic in F1 has gone through a lot of change.


Christian Horner Agrees With Hamilton

Christian Horner Lewis Hamilton
Christian Horner Lewis Hamilton Source: Eurosport

Albeit, winning all the races is a bit of a stretch to imagine at present. However, Christian Horner had a light moment when he gave an interview to Financial Times. Red Bull boss acknowledged that he agrees with Lewis Hamilton when the seven-time champion mentioned, “The Netflix show, Drive To Survive, is becoming a bit like Kardashian show.” He accepted that they are turning out to be like Kardashians on Wheels. “Me, Toto, my good friend, and Guenther Steiner can lose cool any moment,” asserted the Austrian boss. Clearly, it is funny for the viewers from the front. But the Red Bull boss says that it is more about what happens behind the scenes.

Apparently, it is a bit like a television drama. The Netflix show, Drive to Survive tries to project the operations, people involved, politics, and money. However, Horner highlighted the importance of using the veto card often to save confidential pieces of information about the teams from the show. According to him, there is no other way to stop the crew of the Netflix show. Anyway, the documentary series has made the sport popular in America, which the F1 community has always wanted to do. As a result, there are more races in the USA scheduled in recent times. 

Red Bull Boss Is Not Thinking About Winning Every Race This Year Yet

Red Bull
Photograph: Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Evidently, there is a chance that Red Bull can win all the races this whole season. It will be a record hard to beat as there are 23 races this season, including the recently canceled Imola race. But Christian Horner is not looking so far ahead at the moment. Red Bull boss says, “Winning 23 races is quite unimaginable.” However, he is excited about the European season beginning soon.

The Austrian feels that there will be more challenges from other teams with their new upgrades. Mercedes was waiting for the Imola upgrades until FIA canceled the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. Hence, it has been a huge setback for Toto Wolff’s team. But Christian Horner feels other teams like Aston Martin and Ferrari can come up with significant upgrades as well, causing a threat to Red Bull in upcoming races.