Toto Wolff With Lewis Hamilton

A new contract between Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton has been a critical topic of discussion for the last year. After the current season gets over, Hamilton’s contract with the Silver Arrows will end. Hence, the F1 fans have been wondering when or if Hamilton is interested in renewing his contract with the Brackley team.

Mercedes has been struggling since last year to get their car right. The W13 and W14 cars have caused immense problems for the seven-time champion. Apparently, Lewis Hamilton has been waiting for a long time to win his eighth driver’s world championship. But as it turns out, the team is just not ready yet to get Lewis back on winning ways. The team that helped him win six championships since 2014 is in an utterly confused state. So, will the seven-time world champion extend his stay with the team, which is in its deep slump phase? Will Hamilton sign with Mercedes once again? Let’s find out.


Toto Wolff Shares How Awkward It Is To Talk About Contracts

Mercedes Lewis Hamilton Toto Wolff
Lewis Hamilton Toto Wolff Mercedes Source: Crash.Net

For a long time, media experts have been asking the question as to when the contract extension process will start. Regarding that, Team Principal Toto Wolff has hinted that the talks are back on the agenda. However, he is feeling a bit “awkward” to talk the numbers with Lewis Hamilton. “It is very awkward to talk to your best friend about money and the financial deal. But we are used to doing this for so long,” said the boss. He feels that talking with Hamilton about the offer and the deal can get a bit awkward. But it will happen this year at the right time. Toto Wolff believes that he wants the best for Hamilton as well as for his team. The Austrian billionaire can be a good friend of Lewis Hamilton, but he is the team principal of Mercedes simultaneously. Nobody wants a golden generation to end, but Mercedes has lost its status as a powerhouse for the last two seasons, including the current one.

On the other hand, Lewis Hamilton has made it clear that neither he nor Toto has spoken behind each other’s backs with other teams to raise the offer amount or something. They always discuss present and future goals together. The duo had a great run from 2014 to 2021, with Hamilton steering the wheel. Toto became the most successful team principal. Hence, talking about financial issues can get awkward between the two. That is when Penni Thow, Lewis Hamilton’s, comes into play. She plays an essential role of a mediator when the boss and the ace driver discuss the negotiations. Recently the rumor about Lewis joining Ferrari has been a trending discussion. But the seven-time champion revealed that he does not plan to leave Mercedes so soon because of the best friend he has got in the form of his boss.

Is Lewis Hamilton Leaving Mercedes?

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Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes – Image Credit – GIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP via Getty Images

Lewis Hamilton may have to think twice before accepting the offer to renew the contract with Mercedes. But the seven-time champion mentioned that as long as he and Toto Wolff are tight, there is no need to take a decision to leave the team. However, Lewis is 38, and Mercedes may need a longer time to build a car that can win races, let alone a season.

Hence, it is a dilemma for Hamilton to decide what to do at present. Furthermore, the Brackley team is waiting for the next upgrades. So now, only time will tell if the upgrades work well for the team and how long it takes them to get back to title contention.