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Mercedes All Set To Display Major W14 Upgrades In Monaco Grand Prix After Imola Cancelation

The Mercedes F1 team has been excited to showcase what the Imola upgrades could do with their car. Since the start of the season, the team hoped to close the gap with the Red Bull team. However, it has been taking a long time for them to go in the right direction. Apparently, after the Brazilian Grand Prix last year, Mercedes changed their plans from introducing any modifications to the car. Instead, they chose to stick with the zero-side pod concept.

However, since the preseason tests in Bahrain this year, it was quite clear that they made a wrong decision. Mercedes should have made their car a lot like RB19. It is because only the Red Bull car is enjoying success this season. As a result, the Silver Arrows were ready to open their master card in the form of Imola upgrades. However, the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix got canceled due to extreme flood conditions in northern Italy. So now, the German team has decided to test their new modifications of the W14 car in Monaco since they could not do it in Imola.


Mercedes Will Now Use The New Upgrades In Monaco

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Mercedes W14 Car. Source – Reddit

Due to terrible heavy rainfall and overflood in Italy, the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix has been canceled. Now the German team must prepare themselves for the Monaco Grand Prix next weekend. However, the Mercedes F1 team has a problem with street circuits like in Baku and the same thing in Monaco. Therefore, it is always difficult to test new modifications in the car on a street circuit due to the twists and turns the road provides. The Barcelona GP that follows the one in Monaco might be more suitable for Mercedes to test the new upgrades. But as it turns out, the Brackley team has made up their mind to test new modifications in Monaco itself. Since time is running out, the Mercedes team needs to bring in changes to the car as soon as possible.

The Silver Arrows has suffered primarily due to the lack of confidence in the car. Most importantly, the engineers have put in new side pods as well as a different front suspension and a revised floor. Hence, even on a difficult track like Monaco, the two drivers – Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, will be able to drive to their fullest with the W14 car if they have faith. Moreover, the team has already sent the revised W14 car to Monaco in light of the cancelation of the Grand Prix in Imola. Hence, it would be a tough logistical challenge if the Mercedes team wishes to drive the old version in Monaco. Moreover, the Brackley team needs to turn things around and try to close the gap with Red Bull at least. But Mercedes must be trying to focus on overtaking Aston Martin on the points table at first. 

Cancelation Of The Imola Race Was A Big Blow For The German Team

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Unsurprisingly, Red Bull has won all the first five races this season. Mercedes barely managed to secure a single podium finish this season at the Australian Grand Prix. There, Lewis Hamilton won his 192nd podium finish. However, after that, there is no more success for Mercedes as of yet. Now time is running out for the Silver Arrows as Red Bull is gradually getting closer to another championship victory. However, Mercedes must be thinking after the cancelation of the Imola race, “When it is not your day, it is just not your day.”