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Astros Beat Writer Drags Yankees Baseman Josh Donaldson, In Aaron Judge’s Cheating Controversy

Aaron Judge, reigning American League MVP and New York Yankees captain, remains in the news for all the wrong reasons. His match-winning towering homers were overshadowed by wild accusations. As if the Bombers did not have enough problems to deal with already that now they have to explain themselves on serious cheating allegations.

The Yankees’ world went spiraling down on Monday during the series opener against the sturdy Toronto Blue Jays. Aaron Judge was accused of making an attempt to cheat during his at-bat. The issue escalated quickly as people jumped to wild conclusions with no evidence whatsoever. Moreover, ironically, a Houston Astros official has dived into the debate and observed another strange theory.


Houston Astros Writer Now Accuses Josh Donaldson Of Cheating

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The controversy surrounding Aaron Judge’s awkward glance had not even died down when a Houston Astros writer came up with a wild theory. Earlier this week, the Yankees captain glanced at his team’s dugout during his at-bat right before a pitch was thrown at him. The broadcasters on air raised suspicion about the whole eye contact and demanded an explanation which the Yankees slugger obliged to. He clarified that he wanted to know which boys were chirping during his at-bat as he did not like their said behavior. Still, the Blue Jays stayed unconvinced. Now, a Houston Astros writer has jumped into the debate to accuse another player of sorting to unfair means.

Houston Astros writer Michael Schwab made an observation and shared the same with the world via a tweet. He shared a video wherein Yankees’ baseman Josh Donaldson was seen having a similar eye contact moment as Aaron Judge. The moment was apparently from October 2022. Michael also wrote that something fishy is going around the Yankees clubhouse that the fans seem completely unaware of. However, the accusations seem ironic coming from Michael Schwab, who remains associated with the team who openly stole signs a few years ago and was convicted for the same. Hence, it would be for the best if Michael focused on his own team rather than pointing fingers at others.

Yankees Fans Mock Astros Writer’s Wild Theories

Josh Donaldson
New York Yankees’ Josh Donaldson, left talks with manager Aaron Boone in the dugout during the first inning of a baseball game against the Chicago White Sox in Chicago, Sunday, May 15, 2022. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

Houston Astros Writer pressed the wrong nerve when he accused Yankee baseman Josh Donaldson of stealing signs in 2022. Out of all people, he chose to accuse Donaldson, who had a batting average of .222 in 2022. Certainly, the fans mocked him. They made an argument that had Josh cheated, he would have performed way better than he did in 2022. Hence, he should keep this wild theory to himself or save it for his own team, who constantly tries to look down upon the Yankees.

Overall, the entire cheating controversy has rattled the baseball world. It’s not every day that these things happen. However, Aaron Judge, the man at the center of the chaos, has made his point clear. He did not play any fouls, nor did his team. They played in the right spirits, and these allegations are just meant to break the unity of the team. Hence, the Yankees have already moved on and will proceed to the new challenge with fresh energy and motivation.