Harrison Bader
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New York Yankees center fielder Harrison Bader has had a roller-coaster season so far. He missed opening day due to oblique issues. Once he returned after a prolonged absence, Bader exploded with the bat as well as on the field. In just a couple of weeks, the outfielder had slammed six homers with a batting average ranging above .250. However, injury struck again to derail his crucial resurgence.

Bader is a player who majorly plays on his legs. He runs like a sprinter on the base path and on the field; Harrison Bader never shies away from attempting difficult field plays. The same insane running ability became the root cause of a hamstring injury he sustained last month. While he was supposed to get reinstated on Friday, the outfielder, surprisingly, chose otherwise, and the decision did not sit well with fans.


Harrison Bader Refuses To Get Reinstated From IL! Asks For Additional Rehab Games

New York Yankees’ Harrison Bader, center, leaves a baseball game with an apparent injury while accompanied by a trainer, left, and manager Aaron Boone, right, during the third inning of a baseball game against the Seattle Mariners, Monday, May 29, 2023, in Seattle. Lindsey Wasson – staff, AP

Yankees’ star center fielder, Harrison Bader, strained his hamstring a few weeks ago and was placed on IL. Despite enough rest and preparation, Bader skipped his initial timeline citing athletic reasons. He said that while his injury has healed, he needs additional time to move around swiftly in the field to regain his original rhythm. The Yankees obliged his request and pushed his rehab assignment to Wednesday this week. Bader played with Double-A Somerset Patriots and fielded for good seven innings. He reported back positively and faced no significant setback whatsoever. Hence, fans expected him to resume playing on Friday against Red Sox.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Harrison Bader’s name was nowhere to be found on the Yankees’ starting lineup against the Red Sox on Friday. Apparently, Bader himself refused to get reinstated from IL and asked for an additional couple of rehab games with Double-A Somerset. As per Yankees manager Aaron Boone, the outfielder functions around his legs. Hence, he felt he is not fully ready yet to commit 100% to the field. Bader simply does not have that confidence in him that he can make diving plays and run seamlessly around basepaths. The team understands his concerns and hence handed him a couple of extra minor league games. Hence, if all goes well, Harrison Bader could be back by Tuesday next week when the Yankees face Mariners in the Bronx.

Yankees Fans Slam Harrison Bader For Refusing To Rejoin Team Lineup

Harrison Bader
New York Yankees’ Harrison Bader advances to third base on a throwing error by Seattle Mariners catcher Cal Raleigh after stealing second base during the second inning of a baseball game Monday, May 29, 2023, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Lindsey Wasson)

Despite being eligible, Yankees Harrison Bader refused to rejoin the lineup against the Red Sox. He felt unready and chose to stay with Somerset Patriot for additional two games. While the Yankees approved Bader’s request, the fans were not convinced. They attacked Bader for calling the shots when it should be the team’s collective decision. Just a few weeks ago, the team disallowed Luis Severino’s request for an early return. But on the flip side, they allow Bader to have his say on his return timeline.

The fans rightfully called out the Yankee’s double standards. Not only that but the fandom was also raged by the timing of Harrison Bader’s dubious decisions. They made an argument that at a time when the cap, Aaron Judge, is missing from the lineup, Bader’s presence becomes more and more important. Hence, he should have stepped up to rescue the team’s struggling offense. Yet the outfielder chose to ignore the sensitivity of the situation, which did not go well with the fans.