Carlos Rodon
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The New York Yankees have, for too long, awaited LHP Carlos Rodon’s debut in the pinstripes. Rodon was regarded as the team’s best pick of the off-season after Aaron Judge. Not only that, the team hyped up the fans ahead of his sign-in, stating that Carlos Rodon would serve as a number two starter behind Gerrit Cole, and together, the duo would wreak havoc on the mound.

However, nothing of that sort unfolded once spring training commenced. Rodon sustained injury after injury, which kept on delaying his debut. It’s been close to three months into the 2023 MLB season, and still, there are no signs of Carlos Rodon on the mound. That being said, the pitcher did make some progress over the past several weeks. Now, he just needs to clear one more hurdle before he can join the lineup and pitch for the Yankees.


Carlos Rodon To Hit Rehab Assignment Next Week, Confirms Yankees Manager

Carlos Rodon
Carlos Rodon in the Yankees dugout during a game against the Orioles last week. Getty Images

After missing opening day due to forearm strain, Yankees pitcher, Carlos Rodon, suffered from back stiffness. Hence, all his progress went to dust, and he had to go back to square one once again. Despite setbacks, Rodon kept grinding and finally yielded results. Eyeing his impressive progress in the team’s Tampa facility, the front office sent him to train with the Yankees coaches in the Bronx. Most recently, Rodon threw multiple live sessions and reported back with no setbacks or discomfort. Hence, after a prolonged delay, the team has scheduled the final step of the recovery process.

Yankees manager, Aaron Boone, confirmed that Carlos Rodon will begin a rehab assignment with Double-A Somerset Patriots on Tuesday next week. Moreover, the pitcher is scheduled to play no less than three games. After three games, the Yankees will evaluate his progress, and based on that, his return date will be set. That being said, in a perfect world, Rodon could return to the lineup somewhere around next weekend, provided the team does not deem the necessity of an additional rehab assignment. If so happens, his timeline will get pushed to early July. Regardless, the commencement of the rehab assignment is in itself no less than an achievement. Carlos has fought a long battle with injuries. And this rehab assignment is the last step toward a comeback. Let’s hope the left-hander attains the opportunity to pitch this season finally.

Nestor Cortes Could Start Throwing Soon

Nestor Cortes
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Apart from Carlos Rodon, the Yankees are also missing a key starter in the form of Nestor Cortes. The pitcher suffered from a shoulder injury and was placed on a 15-day IL. It’s been a week since the IL stint began, and Cortes has not yet resumed his throwing. He is still in rehab, as per media reports. Amid uncertainties, Yankees manager Aaron Boone has provided a fresh update.

As per Boone, Nestor Cortes could resume his throwing activities around the weekend, preferably on Sunday. Post then, he can hit the bullpen and live session before making a return. Hence, we are looking at a comeback around July. It could be early July, but eyeing the Yankee’s cautious approach with its pitchers, the timeline could get pushed to mid-July. Overall, Cortes should not dream of pitching for the Yankees for the next four weeks at the least.