Domingo German
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After losing out to a dispirited Oakland Athletics in the series opener, the New York Yankees arrived on Wednesday for revenge. Without Aaron Judge, the offense is facing trouble putting up runs on the board. On top of that, the offensive lackluster has further put the pitchers under tremendous pressure. But on Wednesday, the tides changed.

Under fire starting pitcher Domingo German made a start for the second game of the series against Athletics. In his last outing, he gave away 10 runs to the Mariners. Naturally, he was booed off from the mound by the Yankees crowd. But this time, he came with an intent to silence the critics with an impressive outing. Little did anyone know the night would do down in the league’s history and would also put German on the map.


Domingo German Pitches A Perfect Game! Scripts History

Domingo German
Jun 28, 2023; Oakland, California, USA; New York Yankees starting pitcher Domingo German (0) celebrates with teammates after pitching a perfect game against the Oakland Athletics at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. It was the first perfect game in MLB since 2012 and the fourth perfect game in franchise history. / Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

A perfect game is one of baseball’s rarest and most remarkable achievements. It occurs when a pitcher allows no opposing player to reach base through any means while recording 27 consecutive outs. Only a few players have attained this achievement in the league’s century-old history. Meanwhile, the latest one to join the elite list was Yankees starting pitcher Domingo German. In the second game against the Athletics, German pitched full nine innings and did now allow any batter to reach a base. He became the first-ever Domincan-born pitcher to throw a perfect game in MLB.

Not only that, Domingo German is the first pitcher in the last 11 years to achieve this feat after Seattle Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez threw one against the Tampa Bay Rays in 2012. Also, German became the only fourth Yankees to have pitched a perfect game in the entire history of the franchise. The pitcher was at a loss for words after the game. He remembered his uncle, who passed away a couple of days ago and dedicated the historic achievement to him. He later posed with the whole team for a picture to celebrate the iconic day. The Yankees took home a convincing 11-0 win as the offense did excellent work to support German.

Yankees Manager, Catcher Goes Gaga Over German’s Iconic Feat

Domingo lifts up the final out ball in front of his teammates. Twitter NYY

Meanwhile, the New York Yankees clubhouse is beaming in joy over Domingo German’s perfect game. The catcher behind the plate, who witnessed the iconic moment closely, said the pitcher handled things perfectly. Kyle Higashioka feels that German has been under a lot of stress lately on a personal and professional front. And to pitch a perfect game under these circumstances is unimaginable. Kyle praised Domingo heavily while congratulating him for the historic achievement.

On the other hand, the manager Aaron Boone also spoke about the rare event and said he feels incredibly proud of the pitcher. Boone also acknowledged how the past week was extremely tough for Domingo German to endure. But he managed to overcome it and delivered a perfect game that the skipper enjoyed watching on the sidelines. The manager also stated that the team’s backing and support through these challenging moments is what helped German stay afloat. Overall, the entire Yankees club thoroughly enjoyed and celebrated German’s iconic feat.