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Kyle Higashioka & Gleyber Torres Bringing WBC Experience To New York Yankees Bullpen

New York Yankees stars Kyle Higashioka, and Gleyber Torres mark their return to the camp after a successful stint in WBC 2023.

Bronx Bombers breathed a sigh of relief as their key starters, Kyle Higashioka and Gleyber Torres, returned to spring training from World Baseball Classic in one piece. The tournament, which resulted in grave injuries to some key players, remained dominated by Team USA until the finale. Nonetheless, now that the tournament is over, the focus shifts back to MLB.


Meanwhile, the New York Yankees seem to benefit from the World Baseball Classic (WBC) experience of Kyle Higashioka and Gleyber Torres as they bring their skills to the team’s bullpen. The WBC, which takes place every four years, is a global event that brings together some of the best baseball players from around the world. While both the players received a limited amount of game time, the experience of being around the best talent in the entire USA is immeasurable.

Yankees Catcher Revels Crucial Learnings Of The WBC Stint

Kyle Higashioka
(Photo by Daniel Shirey/WBCI/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

New York Yankees catcher, Kyle Higashioka, left the spring training back in two weeks to participate in the World Baseball Classic as a Team USA representative. However, he did not play any single game and majorly served as a backup catcher on the roster. Regardless, the catcher opened up on the journey and called it one of the best experiences of his baseball career. Further, Kyle added that the learning he received from his fellow colleagues and coaches made up for the lack of game time.

In the meantime, as Higashioka returned to the Yankees camp, he admitted to being starstruck by players like Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton. He explained saying as a kid, he always dreamt of playing in the big leagues, and getting surrounded by the stars changed his outlook toward life. While Kyle is excited to be back with the Bombers, he has to make up for the time lost in spring training. Moreover, skipper Aaron Boone accepted the fact that the catcher might not get enough at-bats to prepare for the opening day. But they will ensure he receives enough action to find his lost rhythm.

Gleyber Torres Amazed By The Electric Atmosphere Of WBC

Gleyber Torres
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On the other hand, New York Yankees second baseman Gleyber Torres, too, made his way back to the camp after a good WBC run with team Venezuela. He spoke about the experience and said the energy around the camp was something he had never felt before. Furthermore, Torres said playing in WBC helped him prepare better than spring training as it remained more competitive.

Hence, Gleyber feels he has already arrived for the opening day. However, he still wants to play enough games to come back into the MLB groove and be absolutely ready for the opening day. Well, opening day is just less than two weeks away. Hence, Torres and Kyle might not get the desired amount of game time. Still, the WBC experience will come in handy sometime in the season.