Yankees Coach Praises Hidden Gem Oswaldo Cabrera For His Versatility & Rare Flexibility Skills!

Oswaldo Cabrera

New York Yankees bench coach is highly impressed with Oswaldo Cabrera and lauded his versatility skills.

Bronx Bombers are dominating the Grapefruit League with five consecutive wins. Moreover, most of the team’s key players and probable starters made their debuts last week. The like of Carlos Rodon, Gerrit Cole, Aaron Judge, and Giancarlo Stanton has a fairly good outing this weekend. FYI, the spring training will last for three more weeks, and the 2023 season opening day will commence on March 30.

Meanwhile, the New York Yankees have been auditioning various players for the left field role. While Aaron Hicks remains the top contender, the front office does not want to leave any stone unturned and will maximize the bullpen capacity. Further, a 24-year-old Venezuelan prospect, Oswaldo Cabrera, emerged as the top competitor for Hicks on the left. However, the management has made a shift in plans.

Yankees Coach Hails Oswaldo Cabrera For Rare Flexibility Skills

Oswaldo Cabrera
(AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Oswaldo Cabrera, born in Venezuela, signed with the New York Yankees as an international prospect in 2015. He spent his first few seasons in the minor leagues, where he worked to improve his skills as a middle infielder. However, later Oswaldo transformed himself into a utility player. He was called in for the major league last season during August and recorded 247 in 154 at-bats with six home runs and 19 RBIs in 27 game appearances. On top of that, Cabrera covered all field positions in those 27 games, such as right field, left field, shortstop, first base, second base, and third base.

Meanwhile, Yankees bench coach Carlos Mendoza has hailed Oswaldo Cabrera’s unreal utility skills. He said when you sit around and watch Oswaldo, he makes things look very easy. Further, the coach affirmed that being a utility player and adapting to the situation in a limited time is not as easy as Cabrera makes it look. Mendoza also praised the 24-year-old’s work ethic and said he remains highly motivated to contribute to the team in any form. On the other hand, Yankees manager, Aaron Boone, confirmed that Cabrera would explore center field position in spring training, the only position he skipped during the 2022 season.

Yankees Left Field Candidates On Fire At Spring Training

Aaron Hicks
Los Angeles Angels v New York Yankees – Game Two

The New York Yankees left field auditions just got a little more spiced up as all candidates came out all guns blazing. During the game against Tampa Bay Rays, Aaron Hicks, Willie Calhoun, Oswaldo Cabrera, and Rafael Ortega scored a home run each. Speaking on the same, Aaron Boone said it’s a sweet headache for the front office to see all the guys performing well.

Meanwhile, Yankees captain, Aaron Judge, did some left-field practice earlier before the game. He is likely to play left field on Wednesday or Thursday, as per the latest rumors. Judge adding his candidature for left field job came as a surprise to many. But the captain and the skipper are on board with this out-of-the-box idea and will test it out this week.