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Yankees Coach Claims Blue Jays Coach’s “Fat Boy” Comment Was Hurled At Him

The ongoing four-game series between the New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays has heated up out of nowhere. The foundation was laid during the previous meet-up when Jays’ Vladimir Guerrero Jr. passed nasty comments on the Bombers and later followed it up on the field with a showdown with Anthony Rizzo.

Things majorly escalated from there on after the Jays sort to petty means to level wild accusations at the Yankee captain, Aaron Judge. Blue Jays broadcasters accused Judge of cheating by awkwardly glancing at the dugout in search of some signs. While the cap claimed innocence, he further mocked the Jays with rare celebrations in the forthcoming game. During the same game, another controversial incident took place, which put the coaches at loggerheads.


Blue Jays Coach Hurls Body-Shaming Comments At Yankees Dugout

Blue Jays manager John Schneider had some choice words for a Yankees coach during a heated game Tuesday at Rogers Centre. (Getty Images)

The current series played between the New York Yankees and the Toronto Blue Jays is no less than a drama movie. From leveling cheating accusations to hurling abuses to mocking each other on the field, the series has witnessed all the possible instances of drama. The fans had not even recovered from the Aaron Judge incident when another altercation took place the following day. During the third inning of Tuesday’s game, Blue Jays pitching coach Pete Walker protested against Yankees third-base coach Luis Rojas for standing out of the coaching box.

The small issues turned into a major showdown between the two teams as both sides barked at each other from the respective dugouts. The umpires had to intervene to calm things down. Amid the chaos, Blue Jays manager John Schneider was caught on camera hurling “Shut up, fat boy” towards the Yankees dugout. While the video did not reveal who John was referring to, fans and media jumped to various conclusions. Bombers hitting coach and former MLB player Brad Wilkerson also believed the insult most likely meant for him, considering his overall size. The coach even issued a statement on the whole controversy.

Brad Wilkerson Believes Blue Jays Coach Referred To Him As “Fat Boy”

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New York Yankees hitting coach Brad Wilkerson opened up on the coach’s altercation during the field at Tuesday’s game. He said the team just defended its officials as they believed he did nothing wrong. Moreover, Brad added there’s no bad blood with the Blue Jays, as things like this tend to happen in the heat of the moment. However, Wilkerson did mention that he felt the problematic “Fat Boy” comment was hurled at him. Regardless, he had no issues with it and also revealed that the Yankees clubhouse is having a laugh over the whole fiasco.

On the other hand, the man at the center of the whole controversy, the Blue Jays manager, issued a clarification. John Schneider said he did not mean to call anyone by any name. He said whatever he said in the heat of the moment. Meanwhile, Yankees manager Aaron Boone refused to say much about it and said the Yankees as a team want to focus on the game and will not pay heed to these unnecessary things. Overall, the heat is unlikely to die down any time soon. The team will lock horns for the rubber game on Thursday. Hence, we expect more drama to unfold.