Aaron Judge

Akshita Patel

Captain Aaron Judge Mocks Blue Jays’ Outrageous Cheating Allegations With Cheeky Celebration

The highly anticipated four-game series between the New York Yankees and the Toronto Blue Jays turned into a war field. The entire series has made headlines for all reasons except baseball, and it is not even over yet. Apparently, the rubber game is still scheduled for Thursday, with the Aaron Judge-led Yankees starting as favorites owing to the 2-1 lead. Hence, fans expect more drama to unfold as the series reaches its final stage.

It all started on Monday when Blue Jays broadcasters indirectly accused the Yankees captain and reigning AL-MVP, Aaron Judge, of cheating via stealing signs. The wild theories of a larger conspiracy did not sit well with the slugger, who felt the need to give it back. During Wednesday’s game, Judge broke into a wild celebration which was clearly meant to mock the accusations.


Aaron Judge Silences The Toronto Blue Jays In Style

Aaron Judge

The MLB world erupted when Toronto Blue Jays broadcasters accused Yankees captain Aaron Judge of cheating. Judge, during his at-bat on Monday, was caught glancing at the Bombers dugout, when the broadcasters turned it into a wild theory. However, Judge issued clarification shortly after, saying he merely looked for the guys who were chirping a lot which messed with his concentration. He neither played any foul nor had the intention to. Despite claiming innocence, the Blue Jays did not let the issue slide, as many of the team’s officials accused the slugger of the same.

The whole debate over a mere glance irked the Yankees captain. He chose to give it back on the field. On Wednesday, during the third inning, Aaron Judge drove a single to reach first base safely. What happened after it took the internet by storm. Replays showed that Judge did a small celebration to mock the cheating accusations leveled against him. After reaching the base, the slugger pointed towards the Yankees dugout and closed his eyes. Not only that, the captain pulled off the same celebrations after hitting a game-winning homer on Tuesday as well. Clearly, Judge meant to put out a statement to let the world know he will not stay a mere spectator when his image is being tarnished with no evidence whatsoever.

Yankee Fans Hail Judge For Silencing The Blue Jays

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge looks toward the Yankees dugout before hitting a massive home run against the Blue Jays. Sportsnet

While the Blue Jays frowned at Aaron Judge’s cheeky jibe, the Yankees fans absolutely loved it. They love their captain and have always had his back. Hence, this time around, with their captain’s image at stake, the fans rallied behind him with support. Moreover, when Judge broke into his closed-eye celebration, the fans found one more reason to cheer for him. They took to Twitter to hail Judge’s gestures and urged Jays not to mess with cap unnecessarily.

On the other hand, Aaron Judge further expressed his displeasure over the whole controversy by addressing the media after the game. He said he was unhappy with the things being said about him. He also had a few choices of words for the Blue Jays, which the slugger did not want to share on the public platform. But overall, Judge looked highly disappointed, and rightly so. His match-winning towering homers were overshadowed by this unwanted fiasco. Regardless, the slugger made his point and will now focus on playing quality baseball.