The News York Yankees fans might not have had much to celebrate during the 2022 MLB season. However, Aaron Judge’s impeccable form has been the exception. Judge has not only been the lone warrior and driving force for the Yankees. With 59 home runs under his stats for this season, Aaron Judge is on the verge of breaking the record by hitting 61 homers for the Yankees this season. In all likelihood, Judge could achieve this milestone in the Yankees vs. Red Sox game on Friday. Therefore, all the Yankees fans want to witness history. But there is confusion regarding the broadcast of the game. 

Red Sox Vs. Yankees To Stream On Apple TV+!

Yankees baseman Aaron Judge is certainly the hottest talk of the town in this MLB. Judge has already struck 59 home runs for his side so far. And now, he is just one step away from creating history. Aaron Judge is aiming to hit creat record of hitting most home runs for the Yankees in the game on Friday against the Red Sox. Therefore, it is only understandable that none of the Yankees fans want to miss the historic game. However, the game with the historic implication is set to stream exclusively on Apple TV+. 


If this were to be the cast, Hunter Pence, Stephen Nelson, and Katie Nolan could put their mark on the iconic moment. Even though most of the MLB games are free to stream on Apple TV+, a large section of the audience is not happy with the exclusive digital broadcast of the game. This segment is mainly comprised of elderly people who are not very friendly with online streaming. And apparently, they might have a bit of trouble accessing the game. Therefore, there have been demands to change the streaming pattern of the game. However, the MLB has denied doing so.  

An MLB spokesman clarified that there would not be any change in the broadcasting schedule and the streaming platform. This is quite understandable given that there is a deal between the MLB broadcasting committee and the streaming service Apple TV+. Meanwhile, the Yankees’ other games will be broadcasted on platforms like Fox and ESPN+. 

John Sterling To Take The Mic In The Game!

American broadcaster and commentator John Sterling is one of the most recognizable and iconic voices in the American Baseball circuit. Due to his old age, Sterling does not commentate in many games as he used to. However, the legendary commentator is expected to be there in the Yankees vs. Red Sox. The radio announcer is returning to cover the Yankees game as it might very well be the moment to go down in history when Aaron Judge hits his 61st home run for the Yankees this season. 

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