NBA legend LeBron James is certainly among the best players to set foot on the wooden court, not just on the Lakers side but the entire NBA arena. With exceptional career stats, James is among all the greats in the sport. Not only that, LeBron is showing no signs of slowing down at such an advanced age. But most of his fans understand that Lebron James’ time in the NBA is not very long. On various James has expressed his desires to play in the NBA with his sons. Meanwhile, it seems NBA’s new CBA rules might help King James achieve his dream.   

The finest high school players from that year would compete with the first-year college standouts will get their chance sooner in the NBA. Yet it could seem like LeBron James would benefit from decreasing the draft age as well. The Lakers player said he isn’t concerned about diminishing his impact before his boys’ debuts.

How New CBA Rules May Help LeBron James’ Son?

In 2005, the change in the NBA rules raised the minimum drafting age to 19 years. However, according to the latest reports, NBA & NBPA is planning to undo this regulation bringing down the minimum draft age back to 18 years. Several stars like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Dwight Howard came to NBA straight after high school as 18-year-olds before the rule change in 2005.

LeBron James

As per The Athletic, NBA and NBPA will lower the eligibility age from 19 to 18 while negotiating a new collective bargaining deal. The new rules are targeted at the youth yet to join NBA. But LeBron James will be personally affected by this regulation. If the new CBA’s regulation is approved, many fans will immediately start to wonder whether James and his son Bronny will ever play together.

LeBron James previously admitted to Sports Illustrated that he hopes to compete in the NBA with both of his boys, Bronny and Bryce. Now, that notion may materialize a year earlier thanks to this prospective regulation change. Bronny is a senior in high school right now and is planning to enroll in college the following fall. But because the modified regulation wouldn’t go into effect until at least 2024, he would miss the opportunity to go from high school to the NBA directly.

Side Effects Of The Proposed Regulations!

Durant & Davis Lakers

This regulation adjustment will be advantageous to some players. But it also poses a challenge for others. Now They must decide between making a quick ascent to the top and investing some time in the collegiate basketball system. Despite playing a crucial role in creating a billion-dollar industry, student-athletes were previously not allowed to make any money. However, they may now benefit from the lucrative chances college basketball offers and make money from their name or image. However, some athletes could choose it over entering the NBA immediately and taking a huge risk.

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